@angristan Stories here and there, stories everywhere 🤪🙃😑

@angristan I remember you sharing articles using the title in the post, so for a second there I thought that’s what the headline was for this 🤣

@angristan wtf is this?? I've never seen this before and I'm horrified.... also since when is google a tld?!

@angristan i was just coming to fosstodon to post this. google, they're such a tiny shell of their former selves. this is gonna be G+ all over again. 🤦‍♂️

@angristan The Onion has been working overtime lately.

It's a google product, it's gonna get redesigned several times and then shut down, all before it leaves beta

@angristan How long until Deslidify brings it to an actually usable format

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