I think it is a big misunderstanding to feel like Amazon has an obligation to make AWS available to students for free, without screwing them over.

They do not and it is our fault, because there is no proper regulation.

That's what you get for making your entire ecosystem depend on companies that can do whatever they want.

@Mopsi @angristan They don't have an obligation per se but it's simply a shitty and shady practice if they don't have spending limits/warnings in place that can potentially cause disproportional financial harm, if it's purely for greedy purposes.

We're not talking about a company building their entire ecosystem on it, we're talking about a hobbyist or a learner wanting to explicitly try out the tier marketed as *free*.

In any case I will continue to raise my voice against using AWS at my work.

Ah I didnt mean one company building their ecosystem on AWS but basically the entire commercial internet. That's the reason why people need to learn how to use AWS in the first place.

What I'm saying is: Everything in the internet depends on cloud services now and so we should not be surprised to be screwed over by cloud providers.

@spurgu @angristan
Facebook, Instagram and the like are also marketed as free. They are anything but. The only difference is, they don't cost money. You are being screwed over all the same.

@spurgu @Mopsi @angristan

Huh. I have a vague memory of reading some grad students blog post about some big-data problem they solved where partway through the problem, they accidentally consumed a big chunk of the project’s grant money by getting a Spark parameter wrong.

@angristan My AWS account is permanently blocked because I cancelled the card attached to it.

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