looks like the fb outage took some people back to mastodon :byebrows:

@angristan That is quite the bump, are you sure that spike to 17.5k isn't from bot's scraping the site?

@Salastil oh yeah, probably. It's not the most relevant metric

@Salastil @angristan he's not accounting for the massive amount of shitposting we were doing, because regardless if he can see us or if they block us we can still see their shit and poasts traffic went up about 30% during the entire thing (44 thousand unique users)
@graf @angristan @angristan Well its clearly observable that there is a doubling in requests, just that one spike is looney toons tier. Also wouldn't most of the shitposting going on be singular requests from to sweep the inbox rather than 10-20k users individually hammering his instance?
@bebe @Salastil @angristan I'll tell you what, you can as long as it doesn't cause an issue. if it does then you remove it? sounds like a fair deal friend because I don't know what it's impact will be on this hardware. thank you friend
@graf @Salastil @angristan Yes thank you friend. I will make sure to add the lever to easily disable it. Thank you friend.
@angristan was it you who caused the outage to make the Mastodon numbers go up? 😏
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