backpack recommendations? I'm looking to replace my peak design everyday 20L for something more comfortable, so I'm looking for a good looking one that can carry a laptop

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Lowepro ViewPoint BP 250 AW

I have been using it daily and extensively since 2016.
It holds up very well over time and the architecture fits my needs perfectly.

@angristan I use an Osprey Nebula, it cinches down pretty small. Love the support on the back...

@tkenben @angristan another vote for Osprey, I've been using a Nova almost daily for a few years and I'm very happy. Very light, flexible and comfortable.

@tkenben @angristan actually I've been using a Nebula as well, I checked my partner's for the name and they have a Nova.

@angristan I've been considering a peak design. Not comfortable?

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