@angristan "an explainer" is like some weird Orwellian journo industry neologism for propaganda.

@crunklord420 @angristan and thus, if science in an explainer is propaganda, what do you offer for truth ? Beliefs ?

@Dremmwel @angristan what is an "explainer" and how it is different from an "article", an "essay" or an "op-ed". Are "explainers" a traditional format for journalism? As the kids say "the mask has slipped". The journos see themselves as the arbitrators of truth, and science is a religion that must be explained by the priest class (the journos, and more broadly the cathedral). As that one headline once said "you must not do your own research". No, instead accept this "explainer" about antibodies from Ars Technica, a pop-tech website for midwits.
@Dremmwel @crunklord420 @angristan you're looking to the barely literate journalistic class for truth?

@StateChamp @crunklord420 @Dremmwel @angristan More than a mass of memes on the internet posted by people who seem particulary obsessed and idiotic about it

@Mek101 @StateChamp @crunklord420 @angristan well I never said this particular explainer was brilliant or whatever but it always make me laught to see people doubting of well-sourced articles (even if written by a journalist, I suppose that a few of them still know how to do their job properly) meanwhile believing in some shitty video about covid tests and compote.

@Dremmwel @crunklord420 @angristan
All journalism is true only by accident. Journalists know nothing and understand nothing, something being "explained" by a journalists is like having a child explain to you what he thought about a university physics lecture.
If you can't do, teach, and if you can't teach, become a journalist.

Journalists produce propaganda because it is *the only thing* they can produce, they are totally unable to do any scientific work or even understand the most basic statistics to interpret data correctly.
But they can produce *opinions* which are informed almost exclusively by other journalists or by either government or corporate press statements, thus being essentially nothing but regurgitated government opinion, aka. propaganda. And to produce opinion you need nothing, you are just rearranging facts which were handed to you.
This whole thing gets worse if you realize that journalism attracts not just people who know nothing, but also those who want to control what others think and from thar see themselves as superior to others, aka. narcissists. So each time the government/corporate propaganda gets debunked by outsiders, this deals a narcissistic injury to those journalists, further cementing their conviction in the government/corporate truth.
@angristan It was never an unquestionable tenet of medicine that natural immunity was worse than vaccination, if anything the opposite view was held, until pharmaceutical companies smelled the opportunity to create an endless cash flow from the government with zero liability.
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