Do you use a custom domains for your emails?

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@mjjzf @angristan There are those redirector addresses that people use, and the redirector sends the mail to the real address. That could be it.

@mjjzf I meant as not the provider's domain (,,, etc)

@angristan It's the provider's domain, but I'm the only user and providing the service by myself.


I meant as not the provider’s domain (,,, etc)

Since I’m my own mail provider, is it yes or no? :troll:

@angristan Yes, it gives me full flexibility to switch services whenever I like to.

@angristan Both. :(
There are upsides/downsides for both but usually I prefer custom domains so I can set a strict DMARC policy, and migrate to another service when I feel the need to.

@angristan Jes and no.
I have a few custom domain emails, but mainly use gmail as signup email for other services

@angristan ugh.. are you use editing post feature as re-boost ?

@angristan It keeps reappear on my timeline and the timestamp tells "edited few seconds ago with asterisk"

@jarm there is not edit feature on mastodon though. I think it refers to the new votes (like, new vote = new edit)

@jarm but if it reappears on your timeline then I have no clue what's going on haha

@angristan if new vote = Update + mastodon on main branch handles Update activity as editing = ?

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