I'm looking at backend SWE jobs offers and there is more Java than I expected :thinkeyes:

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@angristan I can move about anywhere and get an enterprise java dev job in a day
@Moon @angristan

If you learn to program in Java, you’ll never be without a job!

Are you looking? Cuz I know a guy who looks like the life has been sucked out of him that would love to talk to yo

@7 @angristan I have better options but if I need a job right away I can get a well paying one immediately

I was playing around; you don’t strike me as someone that needs to run IntelliJ to live comfortably.

@7 @angristan tbh I would probably go on public assistance before doing java again.

@angristan Java is everywhere, cool jobs with Go etc. are very rare unfortunately 🙄

@angristan Speaking of job searching

I've been looking for VISA jobs in France, and the amount of places that sponsor a visa, but only if you're in the country is hilarious

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