Remote media older than one week will now be removed every day from

@druonysus Medias in toots from other instances. The files are cached on the server, but it takes a lot of space.

Example :

@angristan okay. That is what I figured. But I wasn't absolutely sure. "Trust but verify." Thanks. :)


I can imagine this being necessary, but it could also cause some minor problems...

does it included favourited toots ? boosted toots ? ....

toot ! 🐘

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@jansegers Only the images/GIfs/Videos are removed from the local cache, the toots are still here :)

@angristan 🍍

I presume that by clicking on the toot date we go to the original toot...

what about images / gifs / videos posted locally ?

toot ! 🐘

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#Matodon #kulupu #sona #tenpo_majuna

@jansegers Exactly.

Local medias are still there, it would be a bit hardcore to delete them

@angristan I was wondering... does it remove every file created (including thumbnails etc.) ? Clearly not a Ruby dev, but the task is pretty simple :

@angristan Ok 'cause I tried it. On a 840MB public folder, it only removed 43MB. Maybe the rest are not media but profile pics etc.

@angristan what does that mean? What exactly is remote media?

@assbach when someone from another instance toots an image, we store a local copy of the image, and that's taking a lot of space

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