-what're you doing with that 2KB of RAM?
-sending people to the moon

-what're you doing with that 1.5GB of RAM?
-running Slack

@angristan i absolutely hate all these electron apps

@quad tfw you have chromium installed 20 times on your computer

@quad @angristan I get by fine not using any electron apps, life's good

@sir @angristan At work. Slack and Microsoft Teams are both pushed out and start on boot on my machine it can use like 5 GB right after boot once I open my browser.

At home the only electron app I use is KeeWeb because frankly the regular Keepass application just isn't that good.

@quad @angristan there's a pretty good weechat plugin for Slack. Also, pass > keepass

@quad @sir @angristan Thing is some electron apps aren't even unbearable. Even slack running in my browser, not electron slows my whole PC to a crawl. Electron's bad sure but slck's just exceptionally bad code on top of all that.

@angristan @quad @sir I use hexchat + znc for IRC and don't wish to change.

@rx14 @sir @quad @angristan actually I do wish to change but what I change to would be a nih

@rx14 @quad @angristan you should give weechat an earnest try, it's vgood

@sir @rx14 @angristan weechat is pretty dope. Though it's annoying to use in platforms like Windows unless you spend ages setting up a perfect cygwin install

@rx14 @sir @angristan tfw i use basically every platform. Winblows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even FreeBSD are all things I use at least once a day outside of weekends

BTW Windows is the worst of them all. Especially the phone one.

@quad @sir @angristan @rx14 I run mine on a rpi so I can just ssh from my windows pc, linux laptop, android phone, and it all works great

@shpuld @rx14 @angristan @sir main problem I have with IRC is that ZNC's push notification module is retarded and never works. Gave up trying to keep it working after about 3 months of it ruining everything for me

@quad @shpuld @rx14 @angristan I just don't get push notifications. I check my highlights when I'm back online.

@sir @shpuld @rx14 @angristan I move too much for that. I don't have time to keep checking IRC. I used to keep an IRC app running in the background but that just kills battery life since it's not push.

I won't even see my main desktop again until Monday. About 2 hours today I'll be on one desktop and tomorrow it depends on if a package of hardware arrives or not what I'll be doing

@quad @shpuld @angristan @sir I don't want push notifications from irc kek

@rx14 @shpuld @angristan @sir I only use IRC for communication related to hosting and servers. Twitter and Mastodon for fun. The rest is business only.

Even Discord i only use to keep up with people I maintain bots and sites for. But at least it gives me push notifications so I don't need to put effort into keeping myself updated

@sir @quad @angristan I don't think the value proposition is there for me. I think the only thing that would get me to change is the android app, the rest is just minor.

@sir @angristan @quad why the heck does atomic require the device id permission

@Michcioperz @sir @angristan @quad wow maxpowa can call it a day and give up on his irc client already lmao

@sir @rx14 @quad @angristan I'd make it so but he tried twice and didn't understand f-droid's instructions for inclusion
he's in high school so there's that

@Michcioperz @sir @angristan @quad thanks so so so so so much for this its perfect. It even handles znc backlogs of 10000 lines at connection speed.

@rx14 @quad @angristan @sir while we're at it, it deduplicates backlogs by itself if you don't clear them on read

@rx14 @quad @angristan @sir @Michcioperz oh just one thing, there's no option to order channels alphabetically lol

@rx14 @quad @angristan @sir @Michcioperz wamm must always be the bottom channel, unacceptable

@rx14 @Michcioperz oh and Vexatos says thanks for the app too

@rx14 @angristan @quad @sir if weechat had a gtk/qt client id go for it

@rx14 @angristan @quad get over your fear of the terminal, weechat even works with the mouse

@sir @angristan @quad I don't have a fear of the terminal at all, I used vim for ages. Its just simply not as powerful. It'd be 99% ok for an irc client its the 1% that matters

@rx14 @angristan @quad I find it hiliarious that you think HexChat is more powerful than WeeChat

@rx14 @sir @angristan i cannot think of a single thing the hexchat UI does that Weechat doesn't

@rx14 @sir @angristan It accepts whatever the fuck your terminal is configured to do so you can blame that on your terminal emulator not weechat

@rx14 @quad @angristan @sir yeah weechat has a better interface than hexchat
basically almost the same thing

@Michcioperz @sir @angristan @rx14 enable the buffer bar and you've got essentially the same UI just in cli form

@rx14 @sir @angristan you do know that weechat is 5 billion times as powerful as hexchat right

@sir @quad @angristan "Your completely subjective opinion is objectively wrong"

@angristan @sir @quad I keep discord (which has more features than slack) open and it's fine compared to slack.

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