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Stanislas 👨‍💻 (elefantinho) @angristan

-what're you doing with that 2KB of RAM?
-sending people to the moon

-what're you doing with that 1.5GB of RAM?
-running Slack

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@angristan i absolutely hate all these electron apps

@quad tfw you have chromium installed 20 times on your computer

@angristan @quad you could always just... not install them

@quad @angristan I get by fine not using any electron apps, life's good

@sir @angristan At work. Slack and Microsoft Teams are both pushed out and start on boot on my machine it can use like 5 GB right after boot once I open my browser.

At home the only electron app I use is KeeWeb because frankly the regular Keepass application just isn't that good.

@quad @angristan there's a pretty good weechat plugin for Slack. Also, pass > keepass

@quad @sir @angristan Thing is some electron apps aren't even unbearable. Even slack running in my browser, not electron slows my whole PC to a crawl. Electron's bad sure but slck's just exceptionally bad code on top of all that.

@angristan @quad @sir I use hexchat + znc for IRC and don't wish to change.

@rx14 @sir @quad @angristan actually I do wish to change but what I change to would be a nih

@rx14 @quad @angristan you should give weechat an earnest try, it's vgood

@sir @rx14 @angristan weechat is pretty dope. Though it's annoying to use in platforms like Windows unless you spend ages setting up a perfect cygwin install

@rx14 @sir @angristan tfw i use basically every platform. Winblows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even FreeBSD are all things I use at least once a day outside of weekends

BTW Windows is the worst of them all. Especially the phone one.

@quad @sir @angristan @rx14 I run mine on a rpi so I can just ssh from my windows pc, linux laptop, android phone, and it all works great

@shpuld @rx14 @angristan @sir main problem I have with IRC is that ZNC's push notification module is retarded and never works. Gave up trying to keep it working after about 3 months of it ruining everything for me

@quad @shpuld @rx14 @angristan I just don't get push notifications. I check my highlights when I'm back online.

@sir @shpuld @rx14 @angristan I move too much for that. I don't have time to keep checking IRC. I used to keep an IRC app running in the background but that just kills battery life since it's not push.

I won't even see my main desktop again until Monday. About 2 hours today I'll be on one desktop and tomorrow it depends on if a package of hardware arrives or not what I'll be doing

@rx14 @shpuld @angristan @sir I only use IRC for communication related to hosting and servers. Twitter and Mastodon for fun. The rest is business only.

Even Discord i only use to keep up with people I maintain bots and sites for. But at least it gives me push notifications so I don't need to put effort into keeping myself updated

@sir @quad @angristan I don't think the value proposition is there for me. I think the only thing that would get me to change is the android app, the rest is just minor.

@angristan @quad @rx14 on android I connect with Atomic, not weechat

@sir @angristan @quad why the heck does atomic require the device id permission

@Michcioperz @sir @angristan @quad wow maxpowa can call it a day and give up on his irc client already lmao

@sir @rx14 @quad @angristan I'd make it so but he tried twice and didn't understand f-droid's instructions for inclusion
he's in high school so there's that

@Michcioperz @sir @angristan @quad thanks so so so so so much for this its perfect. It even handles znc backlogs of 10000 lines at connection speed.

@rx14 @quad @angristan @sir while we're at it, it deduplicates backlogs by itself if you don't clear them on read

@rx14 @quad @angristan @sir @Michcioperz oh just one thing, there's no option to order channels alphabetically lol

@rx14 @angristan @quad get over your fear of the terminal, weechat even works with the mouse

@sir @angristan @quad I don't have a fear of the terminal at all, I used vim for ages. Its just simply not as powerful. It'd be 99% ok for an irc client its the 1% that matters

@rx14 @angristan @quad I find it hiliarious that you think HexChat is more powerful than WeeChat

@rx14 @sir @angristan i cannot think of a single thing the hexchat UI does that Weechat doesn't

@rx14 @sir @angristan It accepts whatever the fuck your terminal is configured to do so you can blame that on your terminal emulator not weechat

@angristan @sir @rx14 (Also I believe there is a script somewhere that does convert gtk colors to weechat colors)

@rx14 @quad @angristan @sir yeah weechat has a better interface than hexchat
basically almost the same thing

@Michcioperz @sir @angristan @rx14 enable the buffer bar and you've got essentially the same UI just in cli form

@Michcioperz @sir @angristan @rx14 Not to mention much better color customization than Hexchat's BG, FG and text colors if you really care.

If anything Weechat is also way more feature rich interface-wise too

@quad @Michcioperz @angristan @rx14 yeah rx you're just flat out wrong here. WeeChat is much more customizable than HexChat, visually and funcationally, and has many more features

@quad @Michcioperz @angristan @rx14 it's one thing to have a preference and another thing to lie about the competetion

@sir @quad @Michcioperz @angristan yeah you're right. I just remembered how good Emacs looks in the terminal.

@sir @rx14 @Michcioperz @angristan Can you share dotfile plz. That looks nice and functional. I lost mine a long time ago to Arch breaking and haven't bothered to set up a new one yet

@quad @rx14 @Michcioperz @angristan no, worst thing about weechat is the config files contain secrets

@sir @rx14 @Michcioperz @angristan Weren't those in the server.conf tho?

I dunno. I've never shared my weechat files

@kellerfuchs @sir @rx14 @Michcioperz @angristan By default it dumps things like your bouncer password into irc.conf though

@angristan @Michcioperz @rx14 @sir @kellerfuchs But now I know there's at least an option to do this. Thanks

@quad @angristan @Michcioperz @rx14 @sir Yeah, the main issue is that there aren't very reasonable options to setup encryption transparently for the user.

@rx14 @sir @angristan you do know that weechat is 5 billion times as powerful as hexchat right

@sir @quad @angristan "Your completely subjective opinion is objectively wrong"

@angristan @sir @quad I keep discord (which has more features than slack) open and it's fine compared to slack.

@quad @sir what don't you like about the basic keepass app (or KeePassXC) ? I've used Keeweb but honestly it's almost the same

@angristan @quad biggest problem with KeePass et al is that it isn't pass, which is the Right Way to do passwords

@angristan @quad

In a nutshell it encrypts your passwords with PGP and stores them in a git repository

@sir @quad Oh yeah I remember that. I don't really see why it would be better than a Keepass encrypted database though :thinking_hard:

@angristan @quad @sir It's relatively easy to sync across different computers. Really useful for someone like me who distrohops as well.

@Normandy @angristan @quad lol, pass is *way* easier to sync across computers. I even use it on NetBSD and Minix.

@sir @angristan Not really an option for me. For starters I need a web UI since at work and such I can only run whitelisted .exe files.

Also it generally becomes horrible to keep track of if you have thousands of passwords like me. Especially since a lot of them are things like domain users and management accounts that do not have a single domain name or identifier related to them

@angristan @sir @quad i only just realized this post is 141 days old...ignore me.

@mikedd @angristan @sir lmao, gg.

Regardless keepassxc doesn't work. The reason I run KeeWeb is because I need a Web UI.

e.g my workplace is hell so I can't run any .exe that isn't whitelisted. I mostly use KeeWeb in an actual web browser, not as an electron app

15 boosts in 5 minutes well it's pretty easy to be famous on mstdn :dunno:

@angristan You could problably run a Hello World in Java, too

@angristan 2020:
- what're doing with that 64GB of RAM?
- running a browser

@angristan Was just thinking about this last night/this morning. 99% of that is spent on layers of abstraction.

@angristan 1989:
- your program is leaking memory .

- your program is leaking EC2 instances.
@moonman @angristan that's terrifying, does such a thing happen?
@ayy @angristan I had it happen to something I wrote, lol. I would launch an EC2 instance, wait for it to become available to tag it. Sometimes the API lies and the instance isn't really available yet (eventual consistency) and trying to tag the instance failed. The system managed resources using tags, and you can't actually search for instances that don't have tags, so a bunch of them just hung out for about a year doing nothing before I did a proactive check to see if there were untagged resources.
@angristan @ayy In my defense, however I did return an error state to the calling program, and they did not check if there was an error.
@moonman @angristan  1940s
i have a mainframe it only holds 100 bytes
i have a flash drive it only holds 1 terabyte