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Stanislas 👨‍💻 (elefantinho) @angristan

Net neutrality is not a problem, we can easily create a parallel network

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@angristan Yeah okay, we can also hook up cables or create a wifi mesh.
What about communication between continents then ?

@marsxyz @angristan (Net neutrality isn’t even existent to a certain level because of peering or not but sssh never red that from me)

@angristan Its a high latency, high bandwidth solution. Optimal for videos and file sharing.

ICO launches this Thursday.

@rushsteve1 @angristan

But like on the main Internet, cats will be a real nuisance...

@LienRag @angristan If we raise enough capital in the second funding round we plan to introduce a premium eagle-based plan offering higher speeds and reliability.

The downside is the increased chance of finding your data corrupted by the blood of the eagle's prey.


I guess pigeon breeding should become a thing in the US again