@angristan 👋 I just use this for poking at instance config stuff, mainly at @eloquence, but I think I will follow a lot of instance admins here so I can get a nice tech feed :)

@eloquence @eloquence noted :blobthumbsup:

Coincidence: I'm migrating the instance to Germany tomorrow!

@angristan @eloquence oh cool, I may want to update this in the article since I'm currently spelling out your nihost config. what provider are you moving to? hetzner?

@eloquence Yes, their cloud offer: hetzner.com/cloud (the CX41). Their service in very (very) good, and the CX41 is nearly the same specs for the same price.

@eloquence I'm using the CX11 for my new diaspora instance and I love it :yay:

The thing is Ni-host is using OpenVZ, which is kind of awful in 2018. They're planning LXC/KVM offers, but I don't know when.

Now I can migrate to a real KVM VM, upgrading to Debian 9 at the same time and have more "cloudy" features like snapshots (that could come very handy for major updates).

By the way: I'm still very satisfied with Ni-Host. Just wanted to try something else. :)

@eloquence And I would love to use separate servers for the reverse proxy and database, but they don't provide private networking yet. Hopefully sometime in the future!


@eloquence (you could write a separate article just for my server setup hahaha)

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@angristan Heh. I have a couple of dedicated servers with Hetzner and have generally been quite happy with them. I noticed that most big Diaspora instances run with them.

Appreciate the detail and thanks for running mstdn.io so transparently - a good example for other instance admins to follow. :)

@eloquence Actually the instance where I was before is run by @Framasoft, which is French, but hosted at Hetzner too.

Thanks, appreciate it! :blobthumbsup:

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