I guess Hetzner cloud has a weird IPv6 configuration.

Even using LXD to configure everything automatically, IPv6 is not working.

@angristan If its like Online, you can have only *ONE* MAC address. So all containers with others MAC than the main interface are dropped by the switch.

@angristan None. Or map the main interface on all the containers. The main interface will need to have all the IPv6 address as aliases.


@angristan Or do NAT. I do NAT… Yes NAT for IPv6 😭

@benoit afaik, @aeris is using a dedibox and is not NATing his IPv6 🤔

@aeris @benoit "Error establishing a database connection" :D

@angristan @benoit In QEMU that would probably be to have your network in bridge mode and/or to set the MAC address to be the same as the main interface (and pray that it would not conflict for whatever reason).
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