docker on windows requires hyper-v

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@angristan That's because docker on windows isn't docker on windows.

It's docker on linux in a Hyper-V VM on Windows.

Docker "on Windows" just sets up a Linux VM where it runs docker. Then the Windows command line tools basically just forward your commands to that VM.

You're better off just installing docker in a Linux VM on your preferred Hypervisor. It's the same thing except you can't control it from PowerShell/cmd

@angristan again, welcome to windows.

you made this decision. you fool

@angristan Macbooks are decent I guess. But I really just can't stand the keyboard on the new ones.

Also overpriced, but if you're willing to pay that's not my place to complain

@quad well linux is shit on hidpi and windows is shit, so I'm willing to put money something usable

@angristan Linux is pretty mediocre on HiDPI tbh. Unless all your applications are GTK3, then it's piss easy. But that's rarely the case

@angristan I just ordered a ThinkPad priced at like 2000 EUR last week. Join the club m8

also now i'm broke

@angristan what do you mean. Thinkpads are the answer for anything

@angristan don't worry, the bank loves broke people who gotta take loans

@angristan @quad Docker on macOS also requires a hypervisor under it. Like on Windows, it uses the platform native hypervisor.

@mhurron @angristan Does macOS have it's own hypervisor? Or does it just use qemu? Because as long as it doesn't change the whole host OS into a virtual one it should be fine

@angristan @mhurron tbh yes. anything is better than Windows now that 10 is a thing

@quad @angristan meh, an OS is just a tool. The important thing is if it runs what you want it to run.

By and large my primary desktop is a mac because of some commercial software and a native Unix environment. I also have a Windows desktop for some games, because nothing beats Windows for that.

@mhurron @angristan I mean of course. Whatever helps you get work done fast is what you should use. The problem I have with Windows is that it flat out doesn't seem to work though. At least not very well

@angristan @mhurron Windows 7 did. And even Windows 8/8.1. Even the W10 technically preview wasn't too bad. But now W10 is just a joke

@quad @angristan I honestly don't see the problems most people keep saying W10 has.

@mhurron @angristan Well, arguing with Windows 10 is literally my job.

The volume of IT issues at my worplace basically tripled after we upgraded to Windows 10. Everything from windows update automatically removing manually installed drivers, resetting default applications and pushing edge way too hard to forced reboots, updates failing, bitlocker being broken, bluetooth support still being ass and it doing that weird hybrid thing with Hyper-v

@quad @angristan Well if you don't want to deal with user issues, you have to get out of end user support.

From what I hear issues here went down when Windows 10 became the supported and the default for Windows users where I work, but I don't work with that team to verify.

By the time you're getting to so many discrepancies on how well the OS works at scale, you're looking more at user expectations and issues with user applications being a problem more than the OS itself.

@mhurron @angristan I'm a sysadmin. I still end up having to fix most the issues though because the helpdesk guys can't fix most the issues and just put a ticket on me anyways.

I'd happily move to some place where I don't need to deal with Windows clients. Or at least less. Like maybe some scientific institution. But there aren't many non-Windows jobs in Norway

@quad > It's the same thing except you can't control it from PowerShell/cmd

@angristan Last time I checked Docker "on Windows" doesn't support doing that anyways.

@angristan iirc you can also still use the good old boot2docker on VirtualBox. Should even have a "kinda recent" version of docker.

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