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After following this awesome tutorial to setup a server with NAT and ipv4/ipv6, I scroll to the bottom and I see that the author is... no less than @angristan! :owi:

@dada πŸ‘ j'ai mΓͺme lu les livres (c'est assez rare pour le souligner), j'adore aussi

he went to the vet this morning, in a really bad state. Please stay with us :blobheartcat:

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@wonderfall je le connais pas du tout, donc je pourrais pas te dire ! Y'a aussi eu pas mal de turnover donc pas sΓ»r

My team is awesome, it's a privilege to be learning from them!

rah je vais au bureau demain j'ai oubliΓ© de demander l'attestation pour les transports... fuck

I spent hours on a regex and then figured it all out in 10 minutes. πŸ’»πŸ”«

i'm not sure taking tech documentation down is a great way to protest but... I may be wrong?

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