Show more done too. Now let's do which has 10x more objects...

Finished The Promised Neverland. Although I dropped the manga, the anime was excellent and I'll watch the next seasons for sure 🙌

I'm paying for 3.45 TB of object storage. It's insane.

2.8 TB of *deleted* files vs 650 GB of actual files. That a 4.3x ratio

It's been 6 days and I already paid $5 for content that *does not exist* vs $1.35 for actual files

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any other tech service: the service is undergoing "temporary maintenance," and will be closed for mysterious reasons

mastodon: sorry guys i need to change which outlet the laptop that runs this instance is plugged into, we'll be back in a bit

French regional accents: source of pride or discrimination?

Ok I'm migrating the tiny bucket over to Scaleway, let's see how it goes

I have to get the fuck out of wasabi because my bill is somehow exploding.

It's much more interesting now for tiny instances.

Did scaleway change their object storage pricing?

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