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Usually the bucket was weird for a couple of hours but now it's been DAYS and nothing has been done

It's very frustrating not even being able to move out

I'm not angry at Scaleway, there are just not fit for this kind of scale.

In the ticket I literally said "I don't care about long term solutions anymore, just let me access my bucket until I can migrate"

It's the weekend now so I assume nothing will be done until monday...

Scaleway says to split my bucket I could s3fs and unionfs. I said yeah sure but just give me my data I want to get out

Vous avez déjà revendu des trucs sur backmarket ? Ça me tente plus que leboncoin


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX—Announcement Trailer

It would be nice to have a Pokemon mystery dungeon on the switch

let's throw money at this instance again

since egress is billed on scaleway, this migration will be quite expensive

I started to watch a drama on Netflix in Korea and it's not available in France 😭

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