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@angristan I’ve seen a couple of these “I want to build a Twitter alternative” people pop up in the last few days and what unites them is that they’re not interested in hearing the problem’s already been solved

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@angristan “Fundamentally different to mastodon” proceeds to describe mastodon in single-user mode

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Oh shit, @pla got hit by a car..
He was one of the first person I've ever followed on the fedi. His unique mixture of of tech and bicyles will be missed 😭

He died doing what he loved.
Fuck cars.

It's been a long time since i binge watched something

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alice in borderland was a good watch 👍

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US politics police and protestors 

BLM never tried to storm the capital and yet they suffered far more police brutality then these fascist are facing. If they were BLM or Anti-Fascist instead of fascist they would have been shot at (by perhaps live bullets instead of less leathal rubber bullets) and gassed. National guards would be on their way

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blog posts without a date should be illegal

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By the way the company I work for is hiring so if you know someone who wants to get paid to write Rust in a fully remote startup then you should have them poke me


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