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Instead of querying + spotify at once, I update the view with the data right when I get it, and I run the search queries for each artist in a background thread and then re-update the view with the new image URLs (kingfisher will automatically refetch the images asynchronously), which seems OK in terms of speed:

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How is this slider thing called in SwiftUI? I can’t find it in the metatext source code

I wish I could pass a function to in order to launch the Spotify search asynchronously :sadness:

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I'm playing with the python rich module and am really in love with it, I think I'm going to force it on every project I'm involved in to get better error messages and a bunch of other cool things (it provides so much stuff it's awesome)

I like Cloudflare Pages but I keep getting random timeouts and Internal Errors 😐 Not super reliable

mmh... I think I'll do a API proxy that inject the images from Spotify, it's annoying to have to handle all that logic client-side

In the artist list above, I have to do a search query to the Spotify API for *each* artist and then another request for each image... not great

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I made an Android client for as a project for my Android class last semester; so let's do iOS for this one!

For some reason Kibana seems to be much faster for me in Firefox, that's unusual

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