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According to Elastic, Elasticsearch is not affected by the #log4j vulnerability. That would've been Mastodon's only exposure to log4j.

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BANNED from a certain torrent site for "inactivity." Dude my ratio is like 20, can't a good law-abiding citizen take a little break from it all? I swear private trackers are the cancer that's killing piracy, everything about them is so gay.

Anarios/return-youtube-dislike: Chrome extension to return youtube dislikes

also checked kernel extensions and launchd services, nothing fishy

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- No issues with HTTPS
- Not a home network issue
- Tried with curl

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I have been having a weird issue on my mac for a few days: I can't load HTTP websites

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Les pokémon sauvages dans BDSP c'est ultra chiant, cette mécanique de jeu me manquait vraiment pas

Upwork qui ponctionne 10% ou 20% du revenu et qui *en plus* se prend 1.5% de frais de change USD->EUR

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