GNOME has no thumbnails in the file picker (and my toilets are blocked) - new post on my website

@tromino Imagine a file picker that didn't list the file names, only its creation dates.

Imagine having to deal with pungent sewage smell every time brushing your teeth.

@anjum but how is lacking a thumbnail view so important that a file picker is literally broken if it doesn't have it, that's what I don't understand

@tromino Read the article. A file picker has one job, and it's to be able to search and pick a file. I an unable to find pictures with it. Arguing about this is like arguing with my sister that no, the toilets aren't fine, it fails and it's basic job.


@tromino I can't completely convey how infuriating it is that people think this is "fine", this is "normal".

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@anjum @tromino I noticed recently that I couldn't get a thumbnail view in the file picker (I use KDE and must have had a prog that was using GTK) but assumed it was something broken by me not running GNOME or having it fully installed.

@dan0xii @anjum one good thing is that a lot of apps have been gaining support to use the default native file picker on the system (through the desktop portal), it's how flatpak apps are able to open files without needing to have unrestricted access to your entire home folder

so maybe it is/will be possible to switch out the file picker manually somehow?

@tromino @anjum Thanks, I'll have to take a look into it. I just came across this problem in firefox yesterday, coincidentally, but it's rare that I would Save As.

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