Why are furries and homestuck fans really into this person's videos?

In addition to the fact I've never really been abroad, this is sad.

Recovering stuff from an old hard drive. I would like to present everyone a biography of Bill Gates my little brother did 11 years ago.

What's the point of ebooks if I the page numbers aren't consistent? How am I supposed to use them in citations. Page 153 (local copy), or page 174 (openlibrary drm copy)? Once again, tech failing to improve my life.

Watching DPRK solidarity videos, with tankies in the comments concerned about if K-Pop can exist in true communism.

Had to search online to see if there is one, but the closest was this standard live performance in Japan.

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This to me is the ideal toilet, old legacy toilets. Where the flush is thunderous and forceful, rather than the tepid splashes modern toilets barely muster these days. I fear these will stop being manufactured and go extinct one day.

This is honestly what I see when I read climate change denial stuff.

Often thought about redrawing this, but on the left is a stereotypical US person, and on the right is a doctor.

Took this pic while taking the train up to Edinburgh two weeks ago and I think it is good.

Ik people frown upon the DRMness of IA "openlibrary" but must admit... it's so useful and so sufficiently complete for me for the research I do, it's like what the world wide web was made for...

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