Is it reasonable to look at stuff like this and suddenly want to have kids.

Instead of the flat "alegria" style, what about Soviet/Chinese propaganda for corporate art

Always admired the near maximalism that MillionDollarExtreme put into its art. Graphic design I aspire to reproduce

Would it be acceptable for me as an adult to own one of these

A Gen Z just called me a millennial, goddammit this hurts

That time as a kid I started to play with old versions of Windows in VMs :blobcatsip:

I just found out that Google documented one of the most important moments of life.

As a kid I was searching for info about Club Penguin, and I accidentally just typed in "C". I was surprised it yielded meaningful results; it lead me to the Wikipedia article for this thing called "C programming language" and that's how I learned about general-purpose programming.

Ruby regex syntax highlight does not work in Kate. Bad (not good)

When I'm bored, my internal monologue is begins singing this

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