Really cute looking book I've been meaning to read for a while now. Summer and July, about a friendship/yuri love between two girls on holiday. Think it's meant to be out on paperback next month (I don't care for hardbacks, not convenient)

This pic of Royal Surrey County Hospital looks really old, but actually it's from 2006. Then again - 2006 is a long time ago.

I set up the most basic tier digital ocean server with peertube and uploaded a 22 minute 1080p vid.

Ya, I bought a long out of print 1979 book on children's literature, just because I'm seeking out a very specific review. Could be useful for other stuff.

Got myself an 80s style Strawberry Shortcake doll (anniversary remake) isn't she cute? ✨ Wonder if kids are actually getting these, or if it's just nostalgic adults.

It's actually the 2003 series I'm most familiar with, but it still shares are the key character designs.

It never occurred to me as a kid how kinda saccharine (or even girly, lol) the series were, but whatever.

Reminder that what's happening in Palestine is not a "conflict"

Reading the 1997 Labour party manifesto, tbh it's pretty nice and hopeful stuff

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