Libraries in the UK are so profoundly underfunded and useless that it genuinely embarrasses me. It genuinely makes me feel sick; I just had a dutch friend brag that their local library stocked an art book of the Peanuts animated special, which would be unimaginable here.

@espectalll It is interesting. There's people like bill wurtz who asserts copyright on his work in footnotes, but when people make reaction videos of his stuff he just shrugs it off and presumably only cares about tackling the most egregious instances.

Then you have the (most recently disgraced) Richard Stallman who obnoxiously asserts every sentence he writes as being CC-BY-ND and it just gets in the way of actually understanding his point.

@espectalll I think I'd call that a 'joke' then, or a 'musing on popular culture', but idk I'm just working on the hypothetical of this image I'm not allowed to see.

@espectalll Is it a 'meme' if it's entirely an original work? That's what I was getting at when I noted there was a time where you'd be laughed at if you added an impact font caption to a photo of yourself.

@espectalll This is one of the weirdest thing about the modern net to me. There was a time where you would be crucified for sincerely believing you own jokes making advice animals with your face in it, but now it's normal to be uptight over these things.

When the 20s come, I'm absolutely going to refer to 2000-2005 as 'early this century'.

@lychee It's an ad hoc activity for me, things I think ought to be shared I'll do 4 to 6 before pausing to open bandwidth for something else.

If I spam the buttons in this new microwave I have, the seven-seg display spells the word 'CHILD'. First YouTube recommendations, now this; so much tech thinks I'm a toddler.

@espectalll I'm inclined to agree, if reliably available in a specialised browser:

html > man > texinfo

The next FSF pres needs to deprecate texinfo.

@espectalll And that's all! What sort of leadership was that. FSF High Priority list is a farce (no achievable or time-bound parameters), still don't have a Free mobile OS, etc.

What has Stallman actually done in the past several years to advance the goals of the FSF lol.

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