This is why I'm averse to projects that require lofty frameworks.

Think I gave myself whiplash my raving to radwimps too hard. Aching all afternoon.

Imagine if all of a sudden there was a serial arsonists on the loose, burning down apartment buildings and killing hundreds (and at one point over a thousand people) a day, and 40+ year olds were all saying it's either fake or we don't need to stop it happening cause we all die anyway.

(I don't sincerely believe this, I'm just trying to have a cool sounding thought)

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Transphobia could probably be eliminated overnight the same way internet atheism was on 4th of Jan 2013.

I don't want to hear the prime minister's opinion on whether his crony friend is breaking the law, I want to hear the opinion of the police or judge.

Some logos are so bad that they become recognisable for being so bad

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I've never watched a movie that made me laugh.

Hand gel may have run out, but 100% isopropanol computer cleaning spray is still in stock 👀

I've never watched a movie that made me laugh.

All bill wurtz enjoyers pls follow @brooksnook we need to stick together

Why can't I find an actual Chinese calendar online? Like a web tool for browsing it or something? When I type in 'Chinese calendar' all I get are news articles talking about Zodiacs.

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