My fav musical device used to be bass drops, but nowadays it has to be when a singer goes from talking voice to singing voice.

We still haven't figured out a retronym yet for what's variously called "live television", "broadcast television", "terrestrial television", etc.

@aeonofdiscord When they rebranded, they did actually pay attention this sort of thing happening, that's why still has it's original host name.

Another thing: I usually don't respect corporate sponsorship names, but there really isn't any other name for the place than "The O2". No one calls it "the Millennium Dome" anymore, cause it's really not the millennium dome anymore.

In a weird way, I'd actually hope it's permanently called "The O2" in a way that outlives the phone carrier, it' a nice sharp and poignant name that cleanly broke away from its past. All I know though is that it will last up until 2027 at least.

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While ago saw this video by defunctland about the Millennium Dome in London, now known as The O2.

I utterly fell in love with The O2 in 2007, when it was redeveloped and opened under that name. So architecturally immense, it's like being in an airport x10. So was really surprised to learn about it's troubled background, wouldn't have imagined it was hated.

This is an event that was announced late 2019 to be scheduled for late 2020, later rescheduled to later this year. I'm pretty most kids would've outgrown PAW Patrol in span of two years. Being a 4 year old is an eternity ago to a 6 year old.

This was by 2000th tweet here, didn't realise.

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I like how the phone number breach has been rounded to the figure of "500 million", as if a data breach of ~53 million phone numbers is a rounding error.

Watching Yahoo answers in its final month is like watching the apocalypse, it's just a pure free-for-all over there rn.

This is legit important to me because when I was younger I was really embarrassed about liking Wall-E, and didn't have the confidence to tell people it was my fav thing ever because I feared having to defend myself, to the extent I never figured out how to actually vocally say the title of the movie.

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It took 11 years, but it was only until last year did I land on an pronunciation of "Wall-E" I'm comfortable with.

British RP accent "wally" but with a slight pause between the two syllables. No tone or inflection.

@Hyolobrika State of ritual impurity is not really condemnation. Procreation is considered a blessing, but having sex puts one state of ritual impurity - in Keri there, but also in Islam (najāsa)

Her legacy is an iceberg where the tip is stuff like "privatisation" and "milk snatching" and below the surface you get stuff like that. 

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@anjum ah, so this is probably why buddhism was so popular among hippies and queer people

Enjoying this. Had too look up info online about islam and fapping and getting mixed opinions, tho

GIMP is fairly usable if you embrace its "everything is a layer" paradigm init

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