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51% of all neocities pages have a pic of Lain on the front page

@luke Little disappointed you didn't simply just say "it's like e-mail"

Thinking about writing an article about how everyone here on Mastadon is laughing about how people are suddenly attempting to rediscover decentralised (well, federated) social media. Anyone have any input.

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Due to travel restrictions, USA had to invade itself this year.
— some kid on yt

I'm in this discord server with a literal, actual, real life 74 year old man and I'm trying to explain that "gay" doesn't necessarily mean "sexual"

(to offer, not literally what's in my bank account)

@thibaultamartin @zens Apparently there are one off fixes, I'm reading. What is essential, is that fix also is merged into master and available for everyone, packaged everywhere, etc, which might I guess is the hardest part. All I got is $1500.

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@tromino So British people are like "why would I ever need something other than a fry up for breakfast", meanwhile my dutch friend came to the UK he was horrified at the hotel breakfast buffet.

@tromino So people accordingly and unconsciously shape their life to avoid the need to ever demand good food from restaurants and eateries.

@tromino The reason why British cuisine sucks so much is because people here don't realise how good it can be.

@tromino That's cause you're used to mediocrity and have accordingly shaped your life to avoiding the use case of needing to upload files. Again, basic functionality that in every popular operating system, particularly Android and iOS.

@tromino I can't think of any other modern file picker that doesn't have thumbnails. Not even on phones.

@tromino Oh sure, and maybe I'm overreacting about my blocked toilets, cause hey—if you ignore a problem long enough you can get used to it, which my family have. This is my point, people have become so used to mediocrity that my expectation of a fully functioning file pickers is seen as overreacting.

@tromino I can't completely convey how infuriating it is that people think this is "fine", this is "normal".

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