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Gonna give it a decade or so before the word 'incel' becomes as innocuous as the word 'nerd'.

Bill Wurtz genuinely has a good concept for a game.

Victorian Britain was a great historical example of minarchism.

I don't agree with this article, but it's a fantastic exploration of the politics of the rule 34 scene

Oh I’m sorry does getting hit by a car 'trigger' you? Does the millennial baby need a 'safe space' where they aren’t getting hit by cars?

Might train to become a pipe welder, so I can say 'I'm a pipe welder' (badass) instead of saying I'm a RoR dev.

Don't want to kill myself (these days) but think it would be really cool if I faked my suicide.

In accordance to nofap science, I jack off every now and again to stop myself becoming too powerful.

I always found it weird that every 'degoogling urself' article seems to write gmail as being the most difficult to switch from.

If you have a cat, please tell me. Everyone I've ever known, even my closest friends, never tell me they own a cat until like two years later.

Lolicons are the pagans of the fetish world

Is there an artist whose name is more well known than Shadman. The only other one I can think of is Banksy.

The language surrounding EU politics is baffling, it's no wonder nobody can agree. At some point 'eurosceptic' became 'brexiteer'.

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