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In addition to the fact I've never really been abroad, this is sad.

Been doing some updates of ui, check it out. No js friendly. Trying to tightly engineer speed and fast use.

Has anyone cleaned a toilet brush holder. Ocurred to me it might be one of those things that need to be washed now and then.

Broke: /britfeel/ threads on /r9k/
Also broke: brit/pol/ threads
Especially broke: /brit/ threads on /int/
Bespoke: Britfag/UK threads on /cgl/

I genuinely have a psychotic hatred towards Oracle. I'm not joking, I think I might need therapy if I couldn't control it.

ReactOS is actually really good as hell. It's no toy, using for actual work, running Help&Manual 4 on it to document a web api.

Precisely 0 of the three people I have on telegram are cis male.

I am unable to get excited about tech to the extent and detail that many people on my to do. Mainly because tech in recent times has not improved my life or standard of living. It all looks like dull jewellery to me.

Recovering stuff from an old hard drive. I would like to present everyone a biography of Bill Gates my little brother did 11 years ago.

One of the most unexplainable feelings/emotions I have are when I have 'small world' moments. Someone I know just talked about a Discord server I used to be in, and it invokes an emotion in me that I don't have words for and makes me sad that I can't explain it.

What's the point of ebooks if I the page numbers aren't consistent? How am I supposed to use them in citations. Page 153 (local copy), or page 174 (openlibrary drm copy)? Once again, tech failing to improve my life.

Sam Hyde on the fediverse, hell yea. Predicates on there being mstdn-Gab support though, which I don't know if it's intentionally limited or not.

People who live outside London England: is it me, or has living standards declined in the past decade.

One of the biggest regrets of my life so far is the amount of mental and emotional energy I've spent on the internal strife and drama of discord servers for preschool cartoons.

For the record, Debian does not provide sqlite with the full text module. Had to compile it myself. Amazin.

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Do people really still maintain a social life over email. Sounds kinda quaint, but I've never really been able to pull it off.

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