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Heads up that they'res going to be a new bill wurtz song and music video tomorrow.

I have decided I will always wear an apron now when frying things. Becoming a more civilised person.

I reckon the concept of personal, individualistic music taste is a recent phenomenon, right. Music for most of human history was a communal culture thing. There's probably an anthropology paper on this.

The thing about watching Ghibli movies is that it spoils you, and you end up feeling like most other animation you watch after is not good.

This bloke represents everything about the wild west of old youtube

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This is my fav youtube channel. Every video is basically under 20 views as well, absolute gem.

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Any moment now I'm expecting Potus to kill himself on livestream while saying the n-word

Might learn mandarin and open a renminbi bank account too.

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Been browsing for those Huawei phones (le chinese spyware) that only have appgallery, pretty alluring to me, might get one as a backup device to do fixed tasks.

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I have never personally used a phone with iOS or gapps. Google-free life isn't even a challenge for me, it's the norm.

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That's the vision of the perfect desktop by GNOME(tm) for you.

Rust, JS, lots of dependencies and everything wrapped in bubblewrap (literally, because that's the sandboxing solution they use).
It's bloated and unusable.
At least give me bloated & usable DE, oh, wait KDE exists.

I get sad whenever I see North Korea in statistical maps. Always sticks out like a sore thumb.

"Wholesome" also seems to be a word men use when too embarrassed to say "cute".

I do not like the word "wholesome". It precludes that good or inoffensive things are exceptional.

51% of all neocities pages have a pic of Lain on the front page

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