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"Where a calculator on the ENIAC is equipped with 18,000 vacuum tubes and weights 30 tons, computers in the future may have only 1,000 vacuum tubes and perhaps weigh 1,5 tons."

-- Popular Mechanics, 1949

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If you're running a Debian or Ubuntu server, checkout unattended-upgrades. It lets you update your machine automatically, so you'll never forget to, again.

I highly recommend setting it up to (at least) apply security updates.

I find listening to is more interesting when using 1.5x speed instead of 1.0x. Not only 10 hour can be compressed to 7.5h, but the mind will have less chances of wandering off during slow moments, because there will be no slow moments ._.

Good audiobook player shouldn't have any problems producing perfectly understandable voices.

I'm very excited to finally see some kind of trend towards native compilation of languages; It seems that the club of Rust, Go, Crystal, Swift will be expanded by Scala.

The amount of virtual machines these days is too damn high!

Embedded C++:

"The language has had a poor reception with many expert C++ programmers. In particular, Bjarne Stroustrup says, "To the best of my knowledge EC++ is dead (2004), and if it isn't it ought to be." [...] Nevertheless, a restricted subset of C++ (based on Embedded C++) has been adopted by Apple, Inc. as the exclusive programming language to create all I/O Kit device drivers for Apple's Mac OS X and iOS operating systems of the popular MacBook, iPhone, and iPad products."


I don't love nor their products, but the Language Server Protocol they've created is the best thing ever. It allows to create really nice integrations of languages with the editors that support the , like .

So even for Vim users like me, the train is influencing the way I work.

Currently testing with Dart and it's working quite nice.

Seems Google is playing with necromancy to raise language from the dead in framework.

The bad thing is that Dart doesn't really introduce any groundbreaking features. The good thing is that since it's so similar to other languages, it's very easy to learn.

The framework itself is pretty cool, I was able to create a small mobile app after few hours of reading. Can't wait for :blobaww:

Better be an idiot for 5 minutes than for a lifetime.

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Just got this email from Gemini Bitcoin exchange. Thanks GDPR!

"Since we are unable to do business in your jurisdiction, we are deleting all of the data you have provided us when opting in for updates. Deletion will take effect on or before May 25, 2018, at 0:00 EEST. As such, you will not be able to create an account with Gemini Trust Company, LLC until we are licensed in your area."

You don't know what's life if you're not using the YouTube autoexpander script for WeeChat! 😜

Screenshot included :)

In the last 3 months: one Polish Bitcoin exchange stopped paying Polish taxes because of relocation to a different country, another one started the liquidation process because of problems with bank deals preventing them from accepting fiat currencies, and another, biggest one, declared relocating to Malta in nearest weeks.

This is what happens when people that have no idea about a subject try to regulate things.

Yesterday evening I've released v1.5 hex editor after a long delay. Users of previous versions should receive an update notification if they have it enabled.

Any thoughts and comments are more than welcome!

Please beware of bugs and give me a note if you'll find something doesn't work as expected.

I'm always happy when Qt and Gtk+ apps live on the same desktop happily

If you're using bash or zsh and you don't know the ^X^E shortcut, learn it now.

First, ensure you have a valid `EDITOR` environment variable set to your favourite editor (like vim or emacs).

Second, enter some command, but don't hit enter.

Third, use Ctrl+X Ctrl+E and learn that you can use your editor to modify the command before running it in the shell.

This is pretty helpful if you're trying to edit a long command line.

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them: there is no more knights in XXIst century.