Dynamic typing vs Static typing

(btw. why is writing toots so hard at 6am)

arm_now: *instant* boostrapping of non-amd64 architectures: mips, arm, ppc, m68k, nios2, etc, based on qemu:


Know your tools!

Pretty nice CMake trick for C++ projects for generating preprocessed sources. This works without modifying your project files.



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I don't get to see it often, but I just had to use a browser without an ad-blocker installed. I can't even begin to fathom how people can live without one.

What a horrid, ugly mess the web has become 😫

TIL "soon" in Apple dictionary means "more than 17 years".

(notabene macOS 10.0.4 was released 17 years ago)

Updated macOS kernel, libc and dyld sources up to version 10.13.6 on xr.anadoxin.org!


(Apple still hasn't yet released Mojave sources)

Want to easily change the extensions of multiple files in ? Try this:

for i in *.JPG; do echo "$i -> ${i%.JPG}.jpg"; done

The `${i%.JPG}` variable has the same outcome as running a command: `echo $i | sed -e 's/\.JPG//g'`, but it doesn't spawn a new process. It's a built-in function in the shell to match and remove the selected string specified after the `%`.

This works in too! (and probably in other shells as well)

How do people get away with this bullshit?

"Global Menus have returned. 's pioneering feature to separate the menu bar from the application window allows for a new user interface paradigm [...]"

Global menus were a default thing in 1984!

Tried to analyze an executable under today and found this egg ;)

I've created a pull request adding support for UnRAR v5 decompression to libarchive.

I'd really appreciate help with testing/code review of this code!


I've used layout on my smartphone for 10 years. This year is the year I'm returning to .

Probably no benchmark measures how much time a Dvorak typist wastes on trying to write on someone else's keyboard, which most probably is a qwerty keyboard.

Screen keyboards in TVs, Playstation consoles, your colleague's hardware, your SO's smartphone, default button mappings, iPhone, are all qwerty, and often you just can't switch to anything else (no option or someone else wants qwerty).


1. From some reason, one of my server's date is shifted by 1 month to the past.

2. ntpd contacts Google's trusted server via https.

3. When trying to fix the invalid date thing, SSL verification fails due to "certificate not yet valid" and connection to Google's host fails.

4. From some reason, when connection to the "constraint" server fails, `pool.ntp.org` connection also fails.

5. I can't synchronize the date through NTP because I have an invalid date.



"Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries. We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market."

Thank you , I feel much safer now.

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Das Keyboard is apparently banning users from their forum if you mention Linux alternatives to their Windows only software.


The future of :

"If it typechecks, you can ship it!"

I believe the depdendent types concept (from i.e. Idris, F* [Fstar]) is the way to go!

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