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You don't know what's life if you're not using the YouTube autoexpander script for WeeChat! 😜

Screenshot included :)

In the last 3 months: one Polish Bitcoin exchange stopped paying Polish taxes because of relocation to a different country, another one started the liquidation process because of problems with bank deals preventing them from accepting fiat currencies, and another, biggest one, declared relocating to Malta in nearest weeks.

This is what happens when people that have no idea about a subject try to regulate things.

Yesterday evening I've released v1.5 hex editor after a long delay. Users of previous versions should receive an update notification if they have it enabled.

Any thoughts and comments are more than welcome!

Please beware of bugs and give me a note if you'll find something doesn't work as expected.

I'm always happy when Qt and Gtk+ apps live on the same desktop happily

If you're using bash or zsh and you don't know the ^X^E shortcut, learn it now.

First, ensure you have a valid `EDITOR` environment variable set to your favourite editor (like vim or emacs).

Second, enter some command, but don't hit enter.

Third, use Ctrl+X Ctrl+E and learn that you can use your editor to modify the command before running it in the shell.

This is pretty helpful if you're trying to edit a long command line.

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them: there is no more knights in XXIst century.


You know you're getting old if you're surprised by comments like:

"I often recommend WordPress to folks as an alternative for blogging"

LangServer: A community-driven source of knowledge for Language Server Protocol implementations.

The Language Server protocol is used between a tool (the client) and a language smartness provider (the server) to integrate features like auto complete, go to definition, find all references and alike into the tool.

我正在嘗試學習中文, 但我做得不好 😭

Concurrent programming is hard.

"[...] It was involved in at least six accidents between 1985 and 1987, in which patients were given massive overdoses of radiation. Because of concurrent programming errors, it sometimes gave its patients radiation doses that were hundreds of times greater than normal, resulting in death or serious injury. [...]"

Doing some old Amiga software archeology, digging up floppy disk images. Everyone remembers X-COPY 😀

Introductory note taken from a programming manual of IBM 7090 (a computer from the mainframe age).

I like its sincerity and clearness.

It appears that Powershell is also a good choice when it comes to mine Monero (XMR) on stolen systems -

The Pirate Bay website "silently" turns your browser into a Monero miner (if mining can be silent) -

New macOS High Sierra will require user's explicit permission to load a kernel extension that is installed with software, even if this kernel extension is digitally signed.

This is interesting, because from one point of view it will decrease the possibility of rogue code being loaded into kernel, but some applications like antivirus (aimed towards non-technical users), virtualization, applications that come with your new shiny hardware, some kinds of video software, will be impacted.

What times we live in. Today every major bug needs to have its own marketing name, logo, website, YouTube video with a professional voice acting, and is marketed like a normal product. Times were a simple mail description to bugtraq are over.