TIL In Germany there is a law forbidding you to wear masks or anything else that will decrease the effectiveness of enforcement imposed on you by the police.


Sad fate of every software development project:

1. All code that can be refactored, will be refactored to a level of unrefactorability.

2. All code that is easy to remove, will be removed in favor of code that is hard to remove.

Big production movies: if the only difference between you and soap operas is the lower frames per second parameter, then I think something's not right


> The people that made the most money during the gold rush didn't mine for gold. They sold shovels.

So true

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Really awesome series of articles about Java Virtual Machine -- Anatomy Quarks:


Do you have any plans for 2:02PM on 2nd February 2020?

Not sure if you remember, but the first version of has been using dark-ish theme by default.

Then, Google has switched from dark to light theme from some reason.

And then when Apple decided that dark theme is a thing, Google started to roll out dark theme again, but this time advertising it as a new feature.

Metaprogramming (programming using templates) in C++ is like programming in JavaScript -- there are lots of interesting stuff you can do, but you have to fight with the language at every step.

If I'll never create my own Linux distro, I'm gonna name it: "CON & * ? \ / ( Linux".

... since I've mentioned :

0x123456789 * 0x123456789 = ?

Ruby: 23880016183359539025
Python3: 23880016183359539025
: 23880016183359537000


template<typename T>
struct S {
template<typename U> void foo(){}

template<typename T>
void bar()
S<T> s;
s.foo<T>(); // error: < parsed as less than operator

++ please don't act like

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