TIL ssh has escape commands! During session try:


This kills current connection, useful if it's hanged.


This will launch a sub-command-line with port forwarding options!

103 has messed up the font sizes on websites and the UI. It's possible to restore the previous setting by adding a new option to about:config:

ui.textScaleFactor (number), value 100

TFW doing an update brings more problems than fixes

TIL FreeBSD is NOT a UNIX, while macOS *IS* a UNIX o_O

... not that it matters much

Pretty cool use of LLDB's type renderers to visualize audio directly in the debugger:


FFS. The most frustrating technology today? Bluetooth.

No idea why it's so hard to connect two devices via this protocol.

How is it that is such a great library, but gives such poor advice in its examples? :P ++

@cancel Is there a definition somewhere of a "complex runtime" and "fragile bundling" terms?

Referring to this page:



TL;DR -- "At the time of this writing BitLocker does not utilize any encrypted communication features of the TPM 2.0 standard, which means any data coming out of the TPM is coming out in plaintext, including the decryption key for Windows."

Suffering from a Konsole toolbar that can't be hidden? See this blog post that will help you with hiding it ;)


-- vector tables of standard libraries, helpful when reverse engineering an AmigaOS Hunk file:


Whew. Bullet dodged! Thanks for rescuing my sad ass from threat that I didn't know I had!

Pretty sad it's only about *delaying* what's inevitable, instead of disabling Proton forever ;(

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How to bring back old menu styles in ?

Set those settings from 'true' to 'false'.

(take a look on the screenshot, settings begin with 'firefox.proton')

Nice story:


few years later, designs WinAPI which has RESERVED arguments all over the place

Mark "I'm not familiar with it" Zuckerberg

has a context menu *for* a context menu. How cool is that?

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