, when a bug is sold as a feature:

"That is, calling create_dir_all concurrently from multiple threads or processes is guaranteed not to fail due to a race condition with itself."


VM internals:


The document is not complete yet, but still it already contains lots of interesting information about language and it's runtime.

It would be awesome to have a different language running on Dart IL, because currently Dart ecosystem is very isolated (OMG, it's full of Dart!). I'm just wondering if Flutter/Fuchsia will have impetus high enough to make it happen, I have my doubts, but would like to see it happen nonetheless (i.e. Scala).

Some thoughts about reproducibility of random numbers using C++11 generation engine and distribution functions.



In 18th century, men and women used bathing machines, so that they won't see the opposite sex in their swimwear.

The "those were the times" saying has no power here I guess!

The other day I've sent a link of a screenshot to a friend on to his e-mail.

Google has crawled the link from his inbox, scanned the whole Apache directory from this link, detected 'rutorrent' web interface running on the server, and few days later I'm getting an email from Google saying that my whole domain name (+ my blog) is blacklisted from search results until I remove illegal content from the server. Then I need to notify them it's removed so they can re-check if it's the case.

Using ? is crawling your mails, extracting data from webshops, parcel delivery confirmations, duplicating everything from your mail account inside their hive database.

You can check for yourself, if you use GMail:


It supports Polish websites, like allegro.pl, morele.net, etc.

And this BS is priceless: "Google protects your privacy and cares about your safety.": by copying my personal data and storing it in 2 places instead of 1? Thanks, Google.

dumbs down a perfectly working option to record calls on Pie.

Then, it disallows apps to have access to the phone number of a person that is currently calling.

I was using a call recording software for unknown numbers and call blocking software for sms/voice spammers. After update, they're not working anymore. At least THEIR privacy is protected!

This is what monopoly is. There is just no alternative, that's why they're doing what they want and they don't ask anyone about it.

Uhhh, software has a real problem with checking the version of the runtime.

There are rumors that Microsoft has skipped Windows 9 because there was lots of Java software searching for "Windows 9" to check if they're running on 95/98 (though I don't know if it's actually true).

Now this? I have JRE 10 and apparently in checks only for the last character inside the version string.


I've added another pull request for that adds lzma, xz, bzip2 and ppmd8 support for ZIP parser. Those algorithms are used during extraction of 'zipx' files.


Any comments, bug reports, even space vs tabs arguments, are welcome.

Dynamic typing vs Static typing

(btw. why is writing toots so hard at 6am)

arm_now: *instant* boostrapping of non-amd64 architectures: mips, arm, ppc, m68k, nios2, etc, based on qemu:


Know your tools!

Pretty nice CMake trick for C++ projects for generating preprocessed sources. This works without modifying your project files.



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I don't get to see it often, but I just had to use a browser without an ad-blocker installed. I can't even begin to fathom how people can live without one.

What a horrid, ugly mess the web has become 😫

TIL "soon" in Apple dictionary means "more than 17 years".

(notabene macOS 10.0.4 was released 17 years ago)

Updated macOS kernel, libc and dyld sources up to version 10.13.6 on xr.anadoxin.org!


(Apple still hasn't yet released Mojave sources)

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