Nice story:

few years later, designs WinAPI which has RESERVED arguments all over the place

Mark "I'm not familiar with it" Zuckerberg

has a context menu *for* a context menu. How cool is that?

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"James Randi, a magician who later challenged spoon benders, mind readers and faith healers with such voracity that he became regarded as the country’s foremost skeptic, has died, his foundation announced. He was 92.

The James Randi Educational Foundation confirmed the death, saying simply that its founder succumbed to “age-related causes” on Tuesday."

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Still, I like the "democracy has failed here" approach

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Why has switched to , not ?

> Because I took a large part of Xorg, and moved it to git before anyone had a chance to react.


My favorite citation is from Google search results:

> Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe.

I find it hilarious that so many people confuse restriction with protection. Dangerous people will know how to obtain the restricted information. The only person who will suffer because of it is the average voter who doesn't mean no harm to anyone.

. What does this logo even represent?

Three dots and a greater-than symbol?

What was wrong with old KDE logo?

Guidelines for having a happy internet life:

1. Don't use "Sign in via Google" (no Facebook, or Twitter) --

2. Always create new accounts for each service you want to register to, verified by e-mail which is NOT hosted on GMail,

3. Use an e-mail provider that supports subaddressing ( -- use an unique subaddress for each service (e.g. [email protected]),

4. Use different usernames for each service you're registering to,

5. ???

6. Profit!

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