A good April Fools joke is to add:

if(x) \
if ((x) && (rand() < RAND_MAX * 0.99))

to some global precompiled header.

Good news is that it's actually possible to create a different language frontend for the VM.

Here's an example of a small functional language, , that targets Dart VM:


I like and all, but it's still very early for its prime time.

Doing i18n is PITA, the tools are not very convenient, translation platforms of course don't support Flutter's architecture, iOS (Cupertino) look and feel only supports English, so during translation I need to translate the theme itself as well, etc...

All issues are fixable (well, I'm still working on the last one), but prepare for extra work in areas that are solved in standard Android for (mostly) free!

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Google after ACTA

When this regulation madness will stop?

Static type checker for Python that is written in JavaScript, so that it can be managed by Node, which is the default extension manager for VS Code running under Chromium:


I wonder how that's better than sticking to Python ecosystem


Taken from early version of 386BSD source code:


int n;
signal(SIGALRM, dingdong);



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Misreading something can be confusing.

GdkPaintable? Why is that called a pain table? [10 minutes later] 🤦‍♂️

One big difference between an amateur product and a professional product is the testing methodology used during development.

So in order to have professional game dices, a good testing methodology needs to be used. Here's one!

An ebook with serious amount of information about a very early version of Linux (v0.12) + lots of x86-specific knowledge:


Very interesting position for everyone interested in learning about x86. Info is dated, yes, but still lots of this stuff is used even today. Plus, as a bonus, a Chinese version of the same book :)

, when a bug is sold as a feature:

"That is, calling create_dir_all concurrently from multiple threads or processes is guaranteed not to fail due to a race condition with itself."


VM internals:


The document is not complete yet, but still it already contains lots of interesting information about language and it's runtime.

It would be awesome to have a different language running on Dart IL, because currently Dart ecosystem is very isolated (OMG, it's full of Dart!). I'm just wondering if Flutter/Fuchsia will have impetus high enough to make it happen, I have my doubts, but would like to see it happen nonetheless (i.e. Scala).

Some thoughts about reproducibility of random numbers using C++11 generation engine and distribution functions.



In 18th century, men and women used bathing machines, so that they won't see the opposite sex in their swimwear.

The "those were the times" saying has no power here I guess!

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