1. From some reason, one of my server's date is shifted by 1 month to the past.

2. ntpd contacts Google's trusted server via https.

3. When trying to fix the invalid date thing, SSL verification fails due to "certificate not yet valid" and connection to Google's host fails.

4. From some reason, when connection to the "constraint" server fails, `` connection also fails.

5. I can't synchronize the date through NTP because I have an invalid date.


@antekone comment out

constraints from ""

In the /etc/ntpd.conf file, and use ntpd_flags="-s" in /etc/rc.conf.local


@JonT I've set the date manually and indeed I've commented out this line from the config to prevent future fails.

I'm just wondering why `ntpd` fails to connect to `` if it fails to connect to the "constraint" server.

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