If you're using bash or zsh and you don't know the ^X^E shortcut, learn it now.

First, ensure you have a valid `EDITOR` environment variable set to your favourite editor (like vim or emacs).

Second, enter some command, but don't hit enter.

Third, use Ctrl+X Ctrl+E and learn that you can use your editor to modify the command before running it in the shell.

This is pretty helpful if you're trying to edit a long command line.

Is this really helpful to you? As in, do you actually run command lines long enough so that standard shortcuts aren't comfortable enough?


@danipozo Not every day. But sometimes it is useful.

Last time it was helpful to me was when trying to figure out a problem with compilation of some software. I was copying/pasting long command lines that were autogenerated by CMake (several lines long).

In order to find the problem I needed to modify those command lines and see if my modification will help to get the compilation working. So I've used ^X^E and vim's substitution command (:%s///) to perform the modification. :party_parrot:

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