A Linkedin notification today … still makes me sad.

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@aqualung I never had the pleasure of meeting her, but from the reactions of those I think of as "my people" wish I had, Tragic, with a capital T.

@smiffy Smart, funny, complex … I think you would have liked her

@aqualung I read a very from the heart press tribute that very much suggests that - which is why I feel direct pain, beyond the comments of friends at the time, when I was feeling THEIR hurt. Fucking spectrum empathy.

@smiffy I think too (speaking for self, not for others) there is sadness because it shouldn't have happened, and guilt that I didn't do enough to prevent it … that may be unnecessary, but it's still there

@aqualung I totally get that; I've had it with someone I scarcely knew, I knew he was depressive, I had no idea about the ideation,I won't go further. I think we never realise until it's too late.

@aqualung So, yes, I totally get where you coming from.

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