@fribbledom I can't remember how many times I screamed into the void “Do what I meant, not what I said!”

@Tarale Do you two follow each other? It's amusing watching both of you in my timeline :)

@Tarale … but we all knew that already, no? :)

@grumpysmiffy @froosh Innes NP had more than I was expecting (or wanted) ...

@grumpysmiffy I'm currently using Tootle on iPad - seems OK, but I'm still looking. (Use Amaroq on iPhone, but it's not for iPad)

@laura Still waiting for delivery of my copy. Are you telling me I shouldn't read it just before bedtime? :)

@[email protected] I give you permission to chill … as if you needed it :)

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Early Morning Cheerfulness 

@[email protected] Bloody glad that came with a content warning …

That should have read:
We shouldn't expect ethical behaviour to be an easy thing. As @laura says, “Ethics are not something you can try on to see if they make you look good. … being ethical is not comfortable” laurakalbag.com/ethical-design

@[email protected] Why yes, I am … re-configured on my new phone after reading your post :)

@[email protected] @ashleebbb @Tarale Paddington 2 is effing brilliant … I don't even think you need an infant present as an excuse to watch it

@daedalus I just caught up with some good news from EFA ...

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