apparently theres a variation of mori girl fashion called dark mori and it literally what an actual witch would wear

Fun fact: By licensing your work as Creative Commons, people won't be able to lock it away again using DRM.

Late post, but a big thank you to Feranta for realizing my fursona. I couldn't have been happier with the result. ~^o^~ โค๏ธ

My kink is mutual trust and a deep emotional bond

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It is 2074. Copyright is no longer extended since rich people no longer die. All librarians are unseen outlaws building archives underground. This is their story.

@andrew Just read your profile. Happen to know any cool accessibility instances on the fediverse? Just started a job where I have to learn more about it. :P

Heck I forgot to post this on the day that I made this doodle but I made a trans+ variant of it :trans:

The biggest problem with GUI encoders is how opaque they are. You don't just go through a few manpages and see what flags you need for what you're doing. You have to go over a bunch of UI options that might not be super obvious in what they do, hope you didn't miss or misunderstand anything and wait for your job to finish.

ah the two genders
non-binary and non-non-binary

Today is day of visibility!

I'm Emilia, a pansexual and polyamorous, transgender girl, from Sweden.

I've known for almost all my life, but wasn't comfortable/in a safe space to start doing something about it until ~6 months ago.

I want to start HRT, but the transgender health care in Sweden is really slow. It's going to be at least another 12-18 months.

Going to start voice training and dressing more feminine soon.

I have already faced discrimination and sexual violence.

Apparently there's a programming language just for trans people. It's called FORTRAN.

See, when wolves awoo, it's cute and majestic.
But when we dragons do it, we're "menacing" and "distressing the townsfolk."

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