Today is International Day Against DRM (IDAD). Let me take this opportunity to say fuck DRM. ⚠⛔🚫

Mood, negative (estrogen) 

First cry on estrogen. Feels good to be able to cry. Feels bad to be sad. 10/10 👌😢

One important takeaway from all this Wasabi nonsense, is that alt-texts are really useful even if you don't have a vision impairment. ❤️

I just realized I started HRT on Friday the 13th... Heck. >.<

Oh no. They removed the fox's paw. Now it's just a fox eating a grape. :<

"headless lounge" sounds a lot more metal than what it actually is

( • . •)
/ >💾 U want this?

( • - •)
💾< \ Let me copy it first

(• - • )
💻 💾< \

( • ᴗ•)
/ >💾 Ok, here u go, frend

Which do you do? Be honest.

Please boost :)

#Unix #Linux #FreeBSD

On the door of a public toilet.

Translation: "The system is the problem. YOU are perfect." :transgender_flag:

I don't think I've ever seen lasers used in that way before. That's so cool. :3

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