@arethsu to their credit, at least they (Swedish railways??) have not become dependent on Windows for these displays like so many other places..

@VyrCossont I probably know how to fix it, but I doubt they'd let me help. πŸ˜…

@VyrCossont @arethsu "fix". I'm putting in a new hard drive. I feel like I got real good odds.


Error or not, a lightweight Linux for a display makes so much more sense than a full windows stack.

@RussSharek Amen to that. Praise the Trafikverket overlords. πŸ‘Œ

@arethsu That's in Europe. In the USA the trains show Windows BSOD or XP boot screens.

@arethsu This is the image I will point to the next time a commuter in the UK asks me what "relatable" means.

@arethsu qu'est-ce qui faut pas faire pour pas partir au boulot!

@arethsu Wow!! I'm impressed! Is this sweden? So they actually use Linux for their screens! I'm seeing BSODs or Windows errors at least once per week on public transport displays. And image / screen flickering, times / train names missing, no next stops displayed...

I guess the uptime of such screens is <50% in my surroundings. That might be improved by Linux! And it's so pointless to pay for a full-blown windows stack, if a free small linux OS would be enough, more stable and cheaper!

@mgisbers I swear you could connect a Bluetooth keyboard to it or something. Wouldn't surprise me if it runs an insecure version of the protocol. πŸ˜‚

@DC7IA NΓ€, men jag tror den Γ€r fixad nu. GΓ₯tt nΓ₯gra veckor. :P

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