@angristan "This page would like to: Show you notifications, access your camera, access your microphone, store multiple files, overwrite your bootloader..."

Today is International Day Against DRM (IDAD). Let me take this opportunity to say fuck DRM. ⚠⛔🚫 defectivebydesign.org/ fckdrm.com/

Mood, negative (estrogen) 

First cry on estrogen. Feels good to be able to cry. Feels bad to be sad. 10/10 👌😢

One important takeaway from all this Wasabi nonsense, is that alt-texts are really useful even if you don't have a vision impairment. ❤️

@2015_05_09 That sounds really nice! And it sounds like you're really useful to have around. xD

I did C# briefly in a course at university, and really liked it. It just felt so clean. Haha, I should probably do more of it. :3

@2015_05_09 :D What kind of technologies are you working with? I'm doing JS, TS, React, and Redux, at work. :)

@hund Annat problem med obligatoriska QR-koder är att man stänger ute personer med funktionsnedsättning (synnedsättning, motorik, med mera) från samhället.

@rgggn "Vi fiskade upp dessa från en hög med grus och jord bakom vårt lager. Vi hoppas på att du vill smaka på de och köpa mer grus senare."

@2015_05_09 Hey it's going to be ok. Being gay and horny is good, and you'll see your girlfriend very soon again. Hang in there!

Fursona be here: mstdn.io/@arethsu/101925270240

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