To help my friends from #Iran 🇮🇷 I have set up a #Signal #Proxy to circumvent internet blockage.

Please use:

Click the link and open the Signal Android app.
(It will work ONLY on #Android!)

If it gets blocked in the future, tell me and I'll change Domain and Proxy-IP.

Alternatively, #Matrix may be a good messenger to use. I provide MXIDs if needed, just ask me.

Stay strong! 💪

It’s the 7th day of nationwide protests in Iran and there’s still no internet for people. It’s the most severe internet shutdown since the 2019 massacre. You can help the Iranian people by providing VPNs and Tor relays.

Iran is experiencing the most severe internet shutdown since 2019 massacre. People are protesting and the internet shutdown prevents communication between protesters and people, blocks flow of information, and makes oppression easier.

There are reports that Iran will experience a total internet shutdown in 15 minutes until 00:00 local time.

New user guide: Circumventing Censorship in Iran with Tor!

If you are having issues connecting to the Tor network from Iran, please try these solutions

People in Iran are still protesting. Women wre burning their scarfs to show their protest to mandatory hijab. There are reports that officers are shooting people to death.

Last time the Iranian government shut down the internet, they reportedly killed 1,500 people. The regime is shutting down internet again.

If you suddenly stopped hearing about your Iranian friends inside the country, it means they’re either got arrested or the internet is completely shut down.

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People of Iran are still protesting against the government amid widespread nationwide internet shutdown. WhatsApp (which is most-used messenger in the country) doesn’t work and many internet services inside are very slow.

Another internet shutdown in Iran. The government is shutting down internet to suppression protestors and stop the flow of information about protests to outside of borders.

Is Google Analytics illegal?

Yes, said Austrian, French and Italian Data Protection Authorities and today the Danish DPA agreed! 🇩🇰

Exciting times to be a European, privacy-first web analytics project 🇪🇺

Bought myself a Casio Vintage watch. Wanted that for a long time.

Yes, the little mermaid can’t be black but Jesus is white. Sure.

Cleaned the house, shaved my head, brushed my teeth, and ready for sleep. I’m gonna wake up fresh tomorrow. I know it.

reminder that "I don't care about cookies" was purchased by Avast and you should remove it before they sell your personal information.

Just letting you know what a right-wing fascist government would do if they get power. This is what happens when Marjorie Taylor Greene’s favorite regime gets in power.

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The government suppresses protests every time using SWAT and Riot police. Many people have been shot to death during protests in years.

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