I just resigned from the GNU Project. I will no longer be a contributor or a webmaster. I'll continue to be an associate member of FSF.

I would never copy someone else's status word for word, certainly not just to see if they noticed

Which do you prefer? uBlock Origin or AdGuard?

The new Proton (previously ProtonMail) concerns me. It just looks too much like other silo trashes.

How can this shit stop without me being forced to sign up there?

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Btw did I tell you someone is impersonating me on Telegram?

I always knew DDG will fuck up at some point. Every major company is going to fuck up. Nothing good comes out of giving a company too much money and power and share.

From now, I'll use SearX as default search engine

It’s patently absurd to expect independent developers who develop free software on free/open platforms to undertake the time and expense of supporting proprietary platforms they do not themselves use.

I propose the following strategy: if you’re on Linux, say, support Linux in your apps and be open to Win/macOS folks forking the app if they wish.

But also release it under a license like AGPL so they can’t just profit off of your work without giving back (e.g., by selling it on those platforms).

I just found out there’s someone with my name and old username on Telegram!

If you know for a fact that a good app is developed by some Nazis, will you still use it? Given that you won’t make them money directly.

FuckGov dot org seems like a very nice instance.

It’s good that I can just go for a cup of tea when I feel it.

What is Data Protection? It's a way for big brother to still collect your personal data and information and store and use them whenever and however it wants BUT give you a fake feeling of safety and privacy.

#OtD 24 May 1910 German shipyard worker August Landmesser was born. He is thought to be the worker defiantly refusing to perform a Nazi salute. He was later conscripted to a penal battalion then killed. His Jewish partner was sent to a concentration camp and killed

Trump shares platform at CPAC Hungary with notorious racist piece of shit who has used racial slurs such as nigger and described Jews as stinking excrement. Just what we expect from him.

I just received 300 items in @subMedia RSS feed. What happened?

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