Human body is trash. I was OK like 6 hours ago and suddenly I can’t get up. Been throwing up since and feel pain in all my body parts.

To all of you who were concerned, I’m much better now. Still didn’t go to work because I need more rest but I’m fine overall.

@arh wishing you getting well soon 💪🏻

نمی‌دونم، یهو این‌طوری شد.

ای بابا، ایشالا زود ردیف شی.

@m2m not sure. Happened very suddenly this morning and kept getting worse. I’m feeling better now.

@arh امیدوارم زودتر روبه‌راه بشی.

@arh Something that quick sounds like you ate something toxic.

@nanook I thought so but doctors didn’t say anything. Also heard some other people are suffering from the same conditions so I guess it’s just a new virus in the season.

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