It's not white against black. It's not white replacement or black replacement or anything. It's the rich trying to replace us by benefit.

Years ago, discrimination and racism had benefits for the rich and capitalists so they did that. 200 years ago, economy was surviving by free labor of slavery.

Now they don't benefit from slavery. Now they don't care about skin color or race. They've gotten smarter, we haven't.

Black and white together, our enemy is capitalism and their new kind of slavery.


I'm sick and tired of people call me anti-white or some of people around me calling my white friends racist and anti-black. This behavior of people against people is exactly what the 1% wants.

When Black Panthers were fighting for black people, they didn't do it alone. They were not exclusively black. When Martin Luther King Jr. was fighting, his rallies were filled with white people.

When Ruby Bridges went to school, it was white officers defending her.

Black and white, we fought together.

Of course there's racist white people and of course there's black people who are stupid enough to feel they're superior or are misusing the benefits society is giving them but we're not talking about some assholes here, we're talking about majority of people in the society.

We're talking about those lovely black and white friends who go to dinner regardless of their skin color and have a really nice time. It's not black against white or vice versa, it's capitalism against people.

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