I need someone to buy me few months of Mullvad VPN, please. I can’t pay due to sanctions. Boosts appreciated. Thank you.

@aryak no cryptocurrency. That needs providing identification data to those who sell it here.

@Hyolobrika like every time I need to connect, I ask you for pist of bridges? No thanks.

@Hyolobrika the problem is that they get blocked and because of heavy internet censorship and public VPNs getting blocked too, it’s too hard to get new bridges.

@Hyolobrika not Mullvad.
Yes, I’ve been living in this country for quite the time.

@Hyolobrika no that’s not blocked but that’s not how I want to browse internet every time. A VPN is more convenient for me. That’s the last option. Tor is very slow and can’t be used for everyday browsing.

@Hyolobrika I’m not out of options. There are some companions offering me VPNs run on private networks (self-created VPNs) but I’m trying to get the best one for me. If Mullvad doesn’t work, then I’ll use some other VPN. I’m not desperate, at least not yet.

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