@arh I get it. You're in cyber security. I've also been in cyber security. And honestly, I could not disagree more with this statement. You're probably worried that proprietary software means there can be no competition and that it hurts everyone else, but honestly it's really just the same as a patent on a piece of hardware. People aren't able to make direct copies and steal ideas, the original creator can be paid for their creation if they want to, and if they feel it's no longer worth their effort, they can release when they please. Some of my own software is proprietary. And I release most of my software onto Github with its source available.

@Temmie19 nah I just like free software more and care about freedom. That’s it. Nothing more. And I’m not into cyber security. Sorry mate.

@arh Oh I saw hacker on your profile and just assumed you meant a computer hacker. My bad!

@Temmie19 I am computer hacker (along with other kinds) but hacker doesn’t mean breaking in people’s machines. I am the old/original meaning of hacker. Those from 80s and 90s.

@arh Ha ha, I won't be born for another 10, 20 years at that rate. So it does have a bit of a different meaning for me

@Temmie19 @arh Patents shouldn't exist either. Intellectual property shouldn't exist. And free software can be sold. I can't believe we still have to stress this.

@programmerpony @arh I get your reasoning, but intellectual property is important whether or not any of us like it. A great example is of a time that a rescue made a plush of their dolphin or something to raise money for it to have the appropriate medical treatments. It was really expensive, but it was also high quality and very large. Then came along several other companies that partnered with drop shippers all claiming to be the official site, and selling slightly less expensive but significantly worse quality products that were only a tenth of the size of the original. This lead to massive confusion from customers and them getting very mad at the original group for the purchases they made with the wrong people. Not only did this eventually call for the group to shut down their fundraiser due to the hatred, they also ended up losing on a lot of funding from the money pocketed by the companies. This is what intellectual property protects against. So as long as humans are greedy by nature, we still need it

@Temmie19 @arh The medical treatments are expensive because the medicines are patented. Intellectual property has killed thousands of people. Patenting dolphin plushies won't fix that.

@programmerpony @arh No, medical treatments are expensive because of corporations. Not because of patents. Literally the original insulin patent was sold for about what would be roughly 20 dollars in today's currency

@Temmie19 How the fuck do you support keeping the right to manufacture something that people need to live???

@programmerpony Well that's a pretty far scew of perspective from what I said. I just said that it's expensive because of corporations. Not inherently because of the patents themselves. I think there should be regulation on how they're used and profit gouging should be forbidden, especially in the medical sector. I also think corporations should have a much smaller time frame to be able to hold a patent over an individual, as well prevent them from renewing a patent without a change that changes at least 65% of the design. (This would prevent things like the people that have the epi pen patent from changing a singular feature that doesn't have anything to do with its intended functionality slightly from renewing their patent and continuing to make the product expensive)

@Temmie19 Too many regulations, too little killing the problem at the root. Intellectual property is where their power comes from. Trying to reduce their power with regulations has already been tried in social-democrat countries such as mine. It doesn't change anything, they always find a way around it. We have to take the power away from them.

@programmerpony It's more of an issue of lack of enforcement, over "too many regulations". I mean, I can't remember the last time any big company got fined over misuse of a patent

@Temmie19 Even if they are fined, it's insignificant. As much as governments pretend to punish companies, they're not going to stop. And governments don't want them to stop either. Governments exist to protect the upper class, not you.

@programmerpony @Temmie19 how the fuck would someone believe it’s “corporations’ fault not patent”? How do you think corporations enforce that? It’s patents. Are you crazy?

@arh @programmerpony @Temmie19 this is "guns don't kill people people kill people" with legal frameworks instead of lethal firearms

@Temmie19 @programmerpony @arh who has a monopoly on patents, therefor benefitting them most, almost as if patents were created to protect them and ensure they would have a monopoly on patents?

blaming corporations but not the tools they protect themselves with is really missing the point of abolition.

@Temmie19 @programmerpony @arh IP is a capitalist invention and exists mainly to protect corporate profits.

IP would not have helped in this case because the patent application process is dominated by richer people who got there first. they would have spent more time and money applying to the process and having it work against them than they would have raising money.

the solution is abolishing capitalism.

@Temmie19 that seems to be less of an argument against for intellectual property and more an argument against fraud. like the problem wasn't really the similarities of the dolphin plushies, but the fraudulent claims that some of them were sold with, right?

and the already draconian IP laws did not prevent the dolphin case you mentioned. how much more do we need? what's your cost-benefit analysis to figure that out?

@programmerpony @arh

@arh Couldn't agree more.

And I'd add that proprietary hardware is an even bigger problem.

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