Stop saying things like "Talibanization of the US". Stop blaming muslims all over the world for YOUR failure to contain the growth of *christian* extremism in your courts and your political system.

@jwildeboer it’s the similarity of actions, not blaming religion. Taliban means “those who want”. Here in Middle East, a Talib (singular of Taliban) is someone who is fighting as a militia or terrorist to take the power, illegitimately.

@arh @jwildeboer
That's in Persian. But the name "Taliban" is an Arabic word:
The naming is because they are a group of religious students.

@danialbehzadi the origin of their name is Talib of Islam and Islamic Education. Doesn’t change the fact that the words Talib and Taliban mean someone who wants something. These ones want Islam and were Talib of Islamic Science and Education and some other ones are Talib of other crap. Today, their name is referred to as Talib of Islamic State.

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