What “trust the science” means and the exact practice we need today. This is what conservatives and ignorants don’t want you to see.

@arh A cool part this screenshot leaves out is not only did we fix it once we also continue to monitor the situation and act when someone harms the ozone layer again.

@rune isn’t that awesome? Doesn’t this feel extraordinarily good?

@arh We could solve all our problems if we just really wanted to. It would be so incredible.

@rune @arh unfortunately, we have still big ozone problem (since the 80s), we didn't know about

Discovery reveals large, year-round ozone hole over tropics: 'New' ozone hole much larger than Antarctic ozone hole -- ScienceDaily –

@tommy @rune @arh The text is very dense; lacking background in atmospheric physics, I can't see at a glance (can someone help me understand?): are they proposing a hypothesis why this hole has occurred? Has it been sitting there all along? Could it be caused by leftover CFCs that also caused the well-known O₃ holes?

@quincy @tommy @arh this article covers the same subject but less densely.

It seems to have been there since the 80s, so probably sameish cause? Since we don't have data on its size going back 40 years we can't easily tell if it's growing, shrinking, or just not changing.

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