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Forced birth in a country with:
-No universal healthcare
-No universal childcare
-No paid family & medical leave
-One of the highest rates of maternal mortality among rich nations

This isn't about "life." It's about control.

.oO attention all US fetus carriers,
considering another state or country to terminate an unwanted pregnancy?
Assange didn't have to "commit his crimes" in USistan to get persecuted, tortured and maybe dragged in by force for retribution for his "betrayal"

Democracy is a very interesting thing. I recently found out that bunch of men can decide what women can do with their bodies based on decades old documents.

👆Well written, I noticed that "the symptoms and characteristics" listed also hold true for #antivaxers. RT @arh Roe v Wade overturned by American Taliban

I just had the most delicious caramel desert of all time. Absolute 10/10.

The US Supreme Court announces rebrand. Will henceforth be known as Taliban White™

What a horrible setback for human rights.

#us #fundamentalism #RoeVWade #humanRights

Do not use open media to plan resistance.

Encrypted and private comms only.

Compartmentalize Identities.

Free speech is nice but also shut the fuck up sometimes.

@taxorubio you know, GitLab dot com is no different kind of.

Self-hosted GitLab or @codeberg would be way more convenient way to host your code.

But it’s your decision, none of my business.

I hereby declare Craig Ferguson as the king of flirting.

The word RINO used to be a way of showing hypocrisy. Now it’s a compliment.

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