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Some conservatives are not dumb, they are very cleaver and know what they're doing. That's rare though, most of them are just dumb.

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Jesus was Jewish. Jesus was brown. Jesus died like a human being.

White Christian racists can't tolerate these facts. Even some black nationalists can't tolerate these facts.

Since coming to Mastodon from Twitter a month ago, the Fediverse is a breath of fresh air. More interesting posts, diversity and no BS like Twitter.

Have a bitch’n day everybody!

If I seriously say “burn all white people”, that is speech and according to those so-called free speech supporters, I should not be censored, no matter if it incites violence or not, right? No. I should be censored and my post should be deleted because free speech should not damage other people. I will be censored on almost all of social networks, including racist ones like Gab and other pieces of shits. Free speech on internet means nothing. It should exist bit it just doesn’t.

@arh Hahaha xD no worries :D I can stand an opinion, if its not toxic crypto liberal or n*zi sh*t :D or unscientific, i.e., conspiracy crap. Or propaganda(PR). Or against minorities of whatever orientation(lgbtq+) color, etc.

Because dogs are domesticated, :D They've been enslaved by us space monkeys in suits :D

And trough eons of cruel experiments we've created chihuahuas. Have you seen a chihuahua… those poor things.

I liked our exchange thank you Ali Reza :D

Enough with cats. Send me your dog pictures. 🐶🐕🦮🐩🐕‍🦺🐾🦴

They always talk about white people and black people and ignore us browns. :)))

Please don’t use Google Docs for contact form. Google doesn’t need to know when and how and about what two individuals contact each other.

This made me spill coffee on my keyboard :)

„There's a town in Poland where everyone pretends to be American on the 4th of July 🇺🇸

Activities include: drinking beer, shooting guns, BBQing and being beaten by the police.“

Just finished The Newsroom season one and it was awesome.

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