I love how people from different fields invented their own word for "the process of starting a system with external intervention because it cannot support itself at this point".

In ordinary language it's called kickstart, in cars and vehicles it's called jumpstart, in computing it's called bootstrap.

And just learned a new one: blackstart - power plants themselves need power to run. But after a total blackout, there's no power to start, which requires some interventions.


@artoria2e5 if you call bullying my girlfriend and yelling that people like her should die "politics" then fuck off

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Every day is a new day to discover a new fucking privacy-washing organization.

Today, let's meet the "Futur of Privacy Forum", funded by :
- Facebook
- Google
- Microsoft
- Amazon
- Adobe
- Palantir
- Uber
- Verizon
- 23andMe
- Criteo


I don't know if I have to laugh, cry, or throw up!...

Thanks @aral for this discovery

Dear IT-humans: Please do yourselves a favour and create [email protected] as an email address on all of your domains which is actually routed and read by someone with knowledge about your IT!
That way you make it easy for people who accidentally stumble upon security issues with your infrastructure to actually report them to you.

The sheer fact of having and reading [email protected] (as mandated by RFC 2142) will help improving your IT security.


me: masks are for dummies. those fancy stuff probably don't even get absorbed into your skin

also me: but chilling your face for half an hour feels so good so it's a net positive

does no one at tumblr actually know what people use tumblr for

a) lol rip tumblr
b) “female presenting nipples” is the funniest shit i’ve ever read with my eyes
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lewd, digital zoom 

@artoria2e5 … and normal HDR kills the halftones it seems

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lewd, digital zoom 

@artoria2e5 HDR off + 3x super res zoom = profit?

(HDR+ enhanced over-emphasizes hair follicles like crazy lol)

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flat-earthers: the earth is not a sphere! the government, the space agencies and globe manufacturers are lying to you!

cartographers, tired of inadequate projections: i _wish_ that were true...

lewd, weird synthetic hormones 

a month of levonorgestrel/quinestrol 1.5:0.75 mg po q5d, with like 3000 kcal/day
not pictured: tons of "seasonal" fat at other places

First you turn "favourite" into "like", then you make "like" do stupid shit, then you have to remove the "like" because it does stupid shit :thounking:

ray blanchard, transmisia 

bad ray blanchard *and* attack helicopter joke: "gender is autogyro"

the great thing about mastodon is you get to follow/be followed by your favorite mutuals like 7 different times

It turns out "draw me a picture of whatever I ask for" is a really hard task for an algorithm. This one will try its best though: t2i.cvalenzuelab.com/

喜讯!欧洲议会以 278 票赞成、318 票反对驳回了新版权法案 👍👍👍 !欧版 SOPA/PIPA 已被消灭。利益集团的阴谋在美国无法得逞,在欧洲也无法得逞!twitter.com/Senficon/status/10

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Webdesign (including fonts) got so bad that there's actually a "reader mode" in browsers now that makes sites look like they did 20 years ago

Speaking of accessibility:

(ofc I forgot the captions)

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