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"Surely I can bump librsvg's dependency on libxml2 to 2.9.0, which was released in 2012", I thought months ago.

Today I spent the entire day backporting shit to the version of librsvg that was used on $enterprise_distro that still uses libxml2 2.7.x.

Joke's on me, I guess.

One of my programs randomly started to error out at launch.

Turns out it tried this :
execve("/home/sn0w/.config/yarn/global/node_modules/.bin/bash", ["bash", "readacted"], [/* 94 vars */])


Sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice

AT&T is routers are now blocking after a firmware update (which just so happens to be Cloudfare's DNS service)

QLF: Are you sending with a VGA DAC? / I am sending with my fl2k

Why non-techies don't use FLOSS alternatives 

I decided to download Scribus as a FLOSS alternative to InDesign or Publisher.

I opened it and was told I need to download GhostScript and it directed me to a site which redirected me to a GitHub releases page

Which had about ten different release versions with shorthand filenames making it very difficult to find the right version. The documentation for Scribus was outdated and gave no help

First one I tried told me to install using Command Line

didn't work

"environmentalism" that is against GMO are anti people, & anti environment, GMO will allow humans to produce much more nutrition with less water, & land, or we can continue with the current regime & cause more deforestation, use tons more water, & need more furtilisers .

bought a fl2k, a 470 MHz low-pass, some wires and a LNA
time to wreck stuff (in 2 months)

Still messing around with your #RTL-SDR receivers? Now, here it comes the #FL2000 transmitter! Hackers from Osmocom community just made another breakthrough: Cheap USB-3 VGA adapters w/FL2K chips as #SDR transmitters!

Hackers since 2001 have attempted #RF via VGA, but suffered from V/HSYNC interference. Osmocom hackers managed to disable them, milestone. Exploiting harmonics, FM/DAB/DVB-T/GSM/UMTS/LTE, even GPS (11th harmonics!) is possible on this piece of rather limited hardware. 

a lesson learned: don't be TERFy to nonbinary folks

keep your fucking mouth shut. quit policing people's fucking gender choices and let them live their lives.

literally no one asked you for your take on someone's gender expression, and no one cares what you think.

strongly disliking the "bread and roses" slate for destroying one of my voice synthesis test songs

Antifa arrests at anti-Nazi rally 

#Georgia (US): cops in militarized gear descend on a neo #nazi rally and arrest several #anftifa counter-demonstrators for the offense of wearing masks, under a law passed in 1951 to constrain the #KKK. Cops were said to treat the nazis "with kid gloves"

lol, basically every fs with UTF-16 filenames in is implemented as UCS-2 in linux kernel

pretty bummed to see subideologies not implemented in hoi4 tbh.

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