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♫ Welcome to Intel Management Engine ♫
♫ Such a useful place x2♫
♫ Plenty of code in Intel Management Engine~ ♫
♫ Any type of exploits (Any type of exploits) ♫
You can find it here~~~~~

♫ Last thing I remember, I was ♫
♫ Flashing for firmware ♫
♫ I had to get my Ring 0 back ♫
♫ To the state the PC was before ♫
♫ "Relax, " said Intel, ♫
♫ "We are programmed to shutdown (after 30-minutes), ♫
♫ You can "me_clean" it any time you like, ♫
♫ But you can never switch off!!~~~~~~~~~

\ 让北京 Great Again! /
原博主 @SAKURAWAY (微博) 已被删除,完成存档,建议打开链接阅读。

就当是练习朴素 HTML 5 排版了,HTML 5 的语义功能还是挺强大的。建议打开网页阅读。页面包括了正确而完整的 HTML 5 语义、元数据等人类和机器可读数据。若代码不规范欢迎提交 patch :doge:

still thinking about planting a permanent startup entry for bail bloc in the library computers

I once saw someone say that pixel art was the first truly masculine art form and to this day I carry my great grandmothers cross stitch sampler around with me so that in case I ever meet that person I can throw it at them

More libc ideas:

region locked libc
libc with DRM extensions
LaaS (libc as a service)

trying to figure out this christmas thing for my avatar

Something's robbing me of all my empathy. Can't write like this.

RFC to suggest abbreviating “Microsoft” to “Mc” so it’s “McWindows,” “McEdge” and “McXbox”

maybe i should move the redrawn version down the "clear" line in the pic

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oops the redrawn version's leaf length is fairly close to that of the clear version

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hmm, dsa clear differs from everyone else in its extension of the smaller leaf

also it's weird to think how the current colored dsa logo is flipped relative to the stroke-only one

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guessing dsa logo lineage for fun:

unknown ancestor →
si current [simplify path]
dsa clear [two hands]

dsa clear →
dsa old [simplify path]
dsa now [redrawn]

dsa old →
dsa "color-corrected" [flip, color]

1 dsa clear
2 SI current
3 dsa old
4 dsa "color-corrected"
5 dsa now

should I do an introduction? i've never done one…

Should I casually refer to my aperture as "light hole" on flickr to annoy elitist photo nerds

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