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☠️Húsares de la Muerte☠️
The Húsares de la Muerte (Hussars of Death) was a lightweight cavalry regiment founded after the great defeat of the Chilean Independence Forces in 1814.
Manuel Rodriguez, young lawyer, decided to form a guerrilla group, recruiting folk people to make counterintelligence tasks and bringing that information to the now hidden Chilean Generals.
Rodriguez was crucial to allow that the Chilean Army defeated the Royalist Army in !818.

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On the fediverse since 2014 -before mastodon exists
Farmer- I like nature. Former Firefighter on the Great Chilean Wildfire Season 2016-2017
Mostly Floss User since 2009
Anime/Manga Watcher/Reader
Tolkien Fan Since 10 years old when I read the Silmarillion.
I write poems. Sometimes I put them here.
I mostly post on English, but for obviously reasons Spanish is my mother lang
Political views: Ancap
Personality: INFJ
Quote: *When you stare the Abyss, the Abyss stares back at you.*

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Ulmo tree.

A chilean native tree which blossoms at the end of Summer/Beginning of Autumn

do you have a repo to check your moescape images? I am searching one in specific but that was posted on january 2020 :/

GNU/Smug announcement:

We are likely to lose the domain in the next few days. It's not 100% yet, but likely. All services are being moved to

Unfortunately it's impossible to change the domain name of a Pleroma instance because of how federation works. That means GNU/Smug is going cease opperations early Saturday. If you want to keep posting on the fedi then I suggest that you export your follows ASAP and move on to another instance ( is good)

I think we had a good run, but it is what it is.
@aven @astheroth Ha, did this post take a while to federate?

You're correct:

> The principle is often defined in one of two versions: the strong hypothesis, which was held by some of the early linguists before World War II,[1] and the weak hypothesis, mostly held by some of the modern linguists.[1]

But back around the time of the comment, that paragraph read:

> There is controversy whether this a scientific hypothesis or more of a political notion.[2] During World War II this claimed principal was used to advance nationalistic views by Nazi Germany, claiming their intellectual superiority over others[3], but has been reexamined by scholars since the late 1980's and on, without the context of racism, nationalism or a hierarchy of intellectual capabilities.[4]
@aven @astheroth Ha, I had no idea that Sapir-Whorf was so beloved by the literal Nazis.

It's a feedback loop, Sapir-Whorf is half the picture; the next iteration of thoughts affects the next iteration of the language, and it's not quite as clear-cut. (The distinction between articulated/articulatable knowledge is also important.) I would have comments on this but I think you about summed it up.

But I don't think the rank-and-file screeching communist types you interact with usually think of that kind of thing, but language is a tribal signifier so people identify with that tribe and those terms and their exact definitions get really important to them.
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