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☠️Húsares de la Muerte☠️
The Húsares de la Muerte (Hussars of Death) was a lightweight cavalry regiment founded after the great defeat of the Chilean Independence Forces in 1814.
Manuel Rodriguez, young lawyer, decided to form a guerrilla group, recruiting folk people to make counterintelligence tasks and bringing that information to the now hidden Chilean Generals.
Rodriguez was crucial to allow that the Chilean Army defeated the Royalist Army in !818.

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On the fediverse since 2014 -before mastodon exists
Farmer- I like nature. Former Firefighter on the Great Chilean Wildfire Season 2016-2017
Mostly Floss User since 2009
Anime/Manga Watcher/Reader
Tolkien Fan Since 10 years old when I read the Silmarillion.
I write poems. Sometimes I put them here.
I mostly post on English, but for obviously reasons Spanish is my mother lang
Political views: Ancap
Personality: INFJ
Quote: *When you stare the Abyss, the Abyss stares back at you.*

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Ulmo tree.

A chilean native tree which blossoms at the end of Summer/Beginning of Autumn

It seems that freespeechextremist is having some trouble

Meanwhile in pland
Oh, no!


(2019-11-10 12:29 PST) I do not know of a reason the DB server would disappear. Looking into it now. Looks like it happened late last night.


>If you see this, either we're updating or something's busted. Unless I put something more specific here, probably busted.

hey @p get up!

@astheroth Oh, I believe you regain the peace by your axe. Good luck :blobcathero:

@astheroth Sounds like a psychopathic zealot trying to justify his wanton lust for violence and bloodshed but ok.

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