#toot 0.21.0 has been released with some nice new features


I started an #toot IRC channel on #freenode, if you need help or just want to chat.

Thanks a lot to everybody who contributed to this release, you're the best. :*


@ihabunek I tested your program and looks awesome n-n

But I really miss some things to be leaser browser-dependent

1. it appears there is no way to get your notifications, which complicates a bit to use toot as main program to access Mastodon
2. Curses could be great if you could reply things directly from there to avoid repeating the same info with *toot timeline* command to get the id and making your reply

Anyway if I am wrong.. please I need to know how to do those things

thank you n-n

@astheroth There is actually a working implementation for replying by from within curses, implemented by @skehmatics , but hasn't yet been released because I'm lazy. ^^;

I'll fix that soon.

I'm also working on switching timelines, and adding notifications should not be a problem.

@ihabunek @skehmatics Well I only need to wait the next versions, hahaha, thank you :)

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