So, you send a respectable man to the street without mercy


how dare you? You shall be not forgiven.

selam g

>Microsoft invited free software legend Richard Stallman to speak at its Microsoft Research headquarters this week. Stallman, known for launching the Free Software Movement to develop the GNU operating system, was and still is a staunch Microsoft critic.




this thing is like a communist called a ancap to speak about the freedom in the market

>Sometimes I think that perhaps one of the best things I could do with my life is: find a gigantic pile of proprietary software that was a trade secret, and start handing out copies on a street corner so it wouldn't be a trade secret any more, and perhaps that would be a much more efficient way for me to give people new free software than actually writing it myself; but everyone is too cowardly to even take it.

the freedom fighter

Damned gargamel... What will the meaning of my life be without 's political notes and other sites of the fsf that are currently hosted on gnu social?
Fucking dictator.

Ahhhh but when he started mastodon the first place to request aid was gnusocial's irc :/

*Once I felt in love with an 1d character, in fact it was only a bunch of words, but when I finished to read her biography I reached a moment when I felt in love with her* (quoted by heart-not that accurate) I am not suprised that he was (and still is) a visionary hahahaahahaa

*I was built at a laboratory in Manhattan around 1953, and moved to the MIT AI Lab in 1971. My hobbies are affection, international folk dance, flying, cooking, physics, recorder, puns, science fiction fandom, and programming; I magically get paid for doing the last one. About a year ago I split up with the PDP-10 to which I was married for ten years. We still love each other, but the world is taking us in different directions. ."Richard Stallman" is just my mundane name; you can call me *


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