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It seems that freespeechextremist is having some trouble

Oki, the first civilian has shot to the an-comms

Meanwhile in pland
Oh, no!


(2019-11-10 12:29 PST) I do not know of a reason the DB server would disappear. Looking into it now. Looks like it happened late last night.


>If you see this, either we're updating or something's busted. Unless I put something more specific here, probably busted.

hey @p get up!

@astheroth Sounds like a psychopathic zealot trying to justify his wanton lust for violence and bloodshed but ok.

>The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

*Thomas Jefferson*

time to go

Thank you @angristan ! is a great node!!! But I still have friends on gnusocial and I think they deserve to be read :)

See you on the fediverse.

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